***A Rejuvenating Fragrance of Frienship***

College has declared the date for swiss trip. It was last exam and we all had to pack our bags for a flying leap. Again and again a question was coming in my mind”whom I will share my room with”. But when I came out from the classroom i saw same tension lines on one of my classmate’s forhead.Fir kya tha??????we made our alliance and started to dream.

Our flight was at 1am next day,so whole day i was wondering around for shopping and finally packed my bag with lots of fooding stuff.on contrary my roomie has taken soaps,shampoos, moisturizer and other accessories. My boy friend was laughing and commented that ask your friend to pack tub and buckets also.. Whenever we found paucity of such things, she used to shriek and say now ask your boy friend to send those things..and i used to give her a warm smile..anyways….

We reached airport and started to fly high in sky.it was giving pleasure of heaven while we were above the clouds,because i had hardly seen such bird’s-eye view up till then. 


Finally we stepped up at switzerland.We were happy enough after accompanying each other. Who says that friendship requires time? We gave a fantastic company,lived every moment and enjoyed equally.


I knew that i would not be able to describe this natural beauty further, so i just wanted to consolidate it in my heart.


we used to forget our whole day’s stress after viewing those natural scenes. But most beautiful thing which made our friendship so sanctified and precious, was the time when we used to have our dinner.it was like we shared our depth of emotions and feeling of care when we used to share our food.


I believe that you can say a friend to someone if  you do not think twice while speaking in front of him/her,because one could understand your each word and you were speaking because you relied on him/her. And we shared lots of such moments with each other.I used to have very small hairs but when i saw my friend’s pony tail, i also did same,she used to laugh on that and always tried to click my ponytail’s pic.

one day i was missing my family,she came to me and said”see there is rainbow in the sky”. she was kidding but what i have seen rainbow in reality!!!!  I was lost in devine beauty of rainbow as i always use to.         

 She was very quite but every one was amazed when they saw her speaking..khatarnaak bolne lagi thi..and my other classmates used to say that”aaj kal chaubey ki sangati me rahkar bahot bolne lagi ha”. One fine morning we had to shift from sion to zurich. We filled our bag so much ,that they couldnt carry the weight, and her bag’s handle had broken. We hardly bothered and i Knoted a Plastic rope {by which my luggage was tied up at airport} as handle and she started to pull her bag.That was amazing,who so ever used to see that bag,used to see like they are looking someting out of this world. I use to say her “Pull ur doggy little bit fast” and she used to reply “thappad maarugi” Really i always miss those awsum days.

One day  we were lost and whole day we were trying to find out way so that we can go back to our hotel,but that was most cherished memorable moment of that trip. We purchased lots of gifts for our family members, haven’t bought anything for each other, but still we were awarding each other with precious friendship.when ever we used to feel like to eat something,we used to cook biryani and serve that on a piece of polythene.we used to sit on ground and then used to have food.that was the unique style of having food, we never tried before but whenever we will meet again, we will.

I still remember that fragrance of cuppa mania,what we use to cook there when used to celebrate the day. Last day in switzerland,we were so happy to go back india because we were missing our families, so we decided to celebrate and the menu for the party was,cuppa mania, baadam ka halwa,biryani and rajma.

 I was talking to my friend on phone and missing those days. I was sitting in office, so went and purchased cuppa mania,When tasted, it rejuvenated me with same fragrance of friendship and the time we spent together..*******************


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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3 Responses to ***A Rejuvenating Fragrance of Frienship***

  1. orramoon says:

    There you come with the best…really it’s a good read….nice pics…good get going girl!!!!

  2. shweta singh says:

    Thank u so much deepti ……………..i m also missing our swiss trip really it was an unforgettable trip.

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