The Graven Image

Today i read a posting”” blogged by my friend. i was quailed in-depth of emotions what i always had for a baby girl. We say that we are civilized, educated and more practicle but still a great percentage of those civilized and educated people have vitiated the enviornment in the name of ” we are saving our culture”. Because they are bloody occupant of our society. No one knows who has given them this position but still*******

One day I was getting very nervous and depressed and thinking that here comes the leadership quality, what i don’t have. I can’t even raise my voice for a girl, whom I am continuously watching suffered. BUT !!! BUT!!!!! BUT!!!!!!!! Charity begins from home.

We are two sisters. My pampered lill sis Lovely. when lovely was born I was of 3 yrs. I have some blurred image of that time in my mind that my grand maa and her colonial friends were crying like anything, when she was born. when My mother came in conscious she got faint after listening their voice. My father has seen the incidence and kicked off all the ladies from my house. He told them that she is my baby..I will not beg in front of you for anything. but when she will do something extraordinary, you all will not claim that we are your relative even….. 

Time was passing slowly…She has ranked 3rd in 10th class examination in MP board. Me and papa were in BHOPAL those days as I had to appear in some examination. We were not knowing the fact. Suddenly one of my uncle has called papa and said that “abhi tak na hi phone kiya na hi mithai, have you not seen the news channel?” We stood at a paan shop and asked that paan bala to turn on the news channel. I was not able to handle my happiness and was feeling like, I will have a heart attack. Soon in evening we came back to our house. Now those ladies were standing out of our house and repenting for what they did, because by this time their boy child have tought them a lesson by their misbehave.

Time was passing and so she was growing. Soon she has cleared PMT exam and ranked 25th. Now Every one was watching her on hoardings, banners and in news papers. People were coming to our house just to have a glimpse of her holding news paper’s cutting with her picture.

She had completed her MBBS and was posted in jayarogya medical hospital, gwalior for some time. It was first pregnancy case she was handling. That lady was so weak and 99% chances were there that she will lose her life. But thank God!!! She was able to save her life. that lady has given birth to a healthy baby girl. when Patient’s in-laws has listen this news, every one has left her alone. Lovely has called patient’s husband to bring some medicine, but he was not bothered for any thing. He was unhappy because he had a baby girl instead of boy.

Lovely has called him and whole of his family members, and scolded them. She told that you exist because your mother was a lady…How can you behave like this…You are responsible if you have a baby girl, not your wife. See I am also a girl but you people are listening me because my parents has never took me as I am a girl. hardly matters boy or girl..both are part of your’s. Your wife has worn same pain , if she would have given birth to a baby boy also.You have made when they come in this world why you people become partial to them???

it was a great teaching to that man…immidiately he went and brought sweets, and distributed it in hospital. then he asked to my sis that madam what is your name..i want to give your name to my daughter and baby was named as “TRAPTI”. That father was very ashamed and repenting for what he did.

Every now and then he use to call and tell lovely about his daughter. He is also dreaming another Dr. TRAPTI in his daugher.


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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One Response to The Graven Image

  1. orramoon says:

    That’s really rejuvenating….inspiring and extra-ordinary. …..Great work Deepti and Trapti …….I wish every people specially women could understand this simple fact .

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