If you let it be, Next turn is your’s!!!!!

I still remember those days when me and my friends used to come back from tution. It was 2001 and I was in Indore (M.P.), which is been called mini Bombay. During our chit chat one of my friends asked me whom will you marry? I replied notoriously “with a person who will have mobile phone”. Mobile phone was a dream for me. We had to pay 26-32 rs. /min. on incoming also at that time. As I was a kid by brain, mobile used to be a status symbol for me at that age, but not now.

Days were passing. In 2004 my father has gifted me a mobile. After some days my boy friend’s parents also gifted him a phone. When we used to talk on phone, I felt like to write an essay on “Vigyan ke chamatkaar”. Now mobile was a passion for me.

In 2008 my boy friend has got his first salary and with more than half of his salary he decided to purchase a new phone, which was recently launched in market. One day we were traveling in metro and we saw a person was trying to steal one’s mobile from his pocket. I asked my boy friend to catch that thief and make that man aware about the scene. But up till then that cat burglar was lost in crowd. We ignored the incidence and started our usual talks. After some days it was ganesh chaturthi and my boy friend had to go for a meeting. He was traveling in metro. At Kashmiri gate someone has snatched his phone and no one could help him. We were repenting for that day, when we saw such incidence and did not raise our voice. Today we are suffering from same…

Same is in the field of corruption. We feel very happy and privileged when we get rid of chalan of our car by giving 100 rs to a traffic police, when we give money to police when it comes to play DJ after 11 pm, when we give money to a teacher to give good marks even if copy is blank, when we give a handsome amount to a judge just to save a criminal. We happily purchase a mobile phone in many markets for less than 50% rates of its actual prize, knowing that these phones are stolen one.

And after that why do we start to cry in the name of corruption when a traffic police employee concentrate more on chalans, managing traffic rather and every one of us takes more than double time to reach a certain place because of traffic jams. Why do we steam up when a police man deny to lodge your FIR and to make police verification until you offer them some green leaves. Why our eyes turn red when a school principle ask bundles of money for your child’s admission. When a black marketeer get clean chit and meritorious is been punished. When these ministers kick off any citizen who comes forward for his/her rights, in spite of democracy.

We need to correct our corrupt system but it will, only when each and every individual will be disciplined, only when we will be educated, instead of literate, only when we all will raise our voice and stop the things going in wrong direction.

If you are not stopping any wrong behavior happening in front of you….leave it and let it be …but don’t forget that next turn is yours.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Like Me!!!!!!!!








About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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2 Responses to If you let it be, Next turn is your’s!!!!!

  1. Shweta Singh says:

    Hi deepty, this is very true that u have written “next turn is yours like me” because this is the realty we have to understand.
    Hats off……………._-@=

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