Black : Colour of Delight??

Since my childhood I have been in love with Colors. “Frolic Colors” which impart joy and make me feel alive. When it comes to discuss colours of flower, only selected colours rainbow our mind and in the name of creativity we borrow common colours and themes from nature. While I was enjoying colourful baskets of flowers in my room, suddenly a thorny thought of blindness has hit my mind, and I plunged in-depth of darkness.

I regretted for all those who can not enjoy these colours? But at the same time my inert slapped me hard. It started to abash me for such awkward and obsolete thinking.

Lot of times I have witnessed such people enjoying their lives. We munificence them, only when we start to compare their lives with our so-called normal life. What does word like “Normal People” stands for? Who are we to define this word and compare other’s lives with all statistical tools, while our own life graphs are distorted. Every one can carry their own opinion and thinking, but it becomes disastrous when it comes to foist.

Yesterday evening I was in my balcony and thinking about evening “ is it darkness,which overshadows light or somehow light allows darkness to shade it off “. Difference of thinking..Right?????????

We all know about seven colours of rainbow “VIBGYOR“. When all colours are reflected back it turns to light and when all colors are absorbed it turns to black(Dark).

Blind are not those who can’t see the colours but those so-called Normal people who has eyes, who can see but don’t have feeling of gratefulness for enjoying the same. Whom we says Blind, they have absorbed all colours of life.

Black hole is pin point truth of this universe and ultimately of life.

It is darkness which shelters lots of galaxies like milky way.Very few are those who dare to absorb the darkness of light.

How will it impact if I gift a bunch of Black flowers to congratulate one “Normal person”???But one set of people who always accepts the bunch of colourful flowers with the happiness of black.Black precipitate the drops of colourful spectrum which is on the other side of glass. Lets turn up to see the beautiful rainbow emerging from the wholesome of black.

I dedicate this work piece of mine for those daring people, who embroider their lives with black thread and “Black is Colour of Delight” for them.

                                                                            Yes, BLACK IS THE COLOUR OF DELIGHT.IT DOESN’T NEED THE EYES BUT THE PRISM OF HEART AND THOUGHTS TO DECIPHER INTO THE RAINBOW OF COLOURS!!!!!

yes i am deepti…


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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