See the Irony: We can award a film, but can’t relay nationally!!!


For around one month we were watching Dirty pcture’s promos on Sony TV as it was about to relay on 22nd april. most of us were eager to see the film. But as the time came suddenly we saw an appology note that channel can not realy the movie as ministry of broadcasting is not allowing to telecast it in prime time due to adult cuntent despite 59 cuts.

The National Film Award for Best Actress (officially known as Rajat Kamal Award for the Best Actress) is an honour presented annually at the National Film Awards of India to an actress who has delivered the best performance in a leading role within the Indian film industry.The President of India presents the awards “to encourage the production of films of aesthetic and technical excellence and social relevance contributing to the understanding and appreciation of cultures of different regions of the country in cinematic form and thereby also promoting integration and unity of the nation.

Bollywood star Vidya Balan collected her first Best Actress National Award for The Dirty Picture in New Delhi on 3 may 2012. She received the Rajat Kamal from Vice President Hamid Ansari.

But i was shocked to hear and watch this and was feeling pathetic for our hypocrtaic thinkig and narrow approach. Sony tv was giving advertisements for more than a month and ministry of broadcasting has woke up at last moment and ordered not to relay movie.

Here it raises a question mark in front of sensor board’s role and our parameters for choosing best actor/actress. If dirty picture was too dirty then why Vidya was awarded??? And which dirty scenes were too good, on the basis of that council has chosen vidya,  best actress..

Yes, its true that dirt remains in one’s vantage point. So is that a matter that, Indian public do not have a spick and span view, in-spite of broadcasting minister and honorable Mr. Ansari.


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I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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