“The Broken Bed”

It’s good to have new aspirations with getting up from bed, because it gives a motive to life and make us more and more enthusiastic for whole day’s hectic schedule. But it becomes hazardous when it starts to leave its repercussion as depression and tendency of underestimating ourselves.

As everyone sets some dream life for them-self, so do i. But sometimes you need to make some compromises sighting the circumstances.While waiting for arrival of my baby, most of the sleepless nights” I was facing”, led me to think about my bed. Do you know what i refer here by bed???- “a luxurious life”.

Soon it was the time when i started to suffer from hypertension because of keeping myself irritating for some or the other reason, and my doctor advised me to get hospitalized. Non availability of deluxe room has pushed me towards a common room where six beds were placed along with mine. Admin did not allow my husband to stay there for long and he had to go back from there. Now I was alone there and as per my modus operandi, I started to observe things. Within switch of curtains I started to listen stories of every bed.

On first bed a lady was yelling. I just wanted to get up and go to her but couldn’t. In evening a girl came to me and asked -“getting bored”???nind nahi aa rahi ha aapko??And she gave me a 5th standard hindi book to read jokes. I asked about her Mother, who was crying and she told me”her kidneys are damaged and we are here for dialysis. It’s 7th time we are here for. Infection was so worsen that it started to melt her intestine also”. Every morning cotton was pushed inside her belly to absorb pass from intestine,and her daughter used to see her die every morning.

On second bed a Dadi ji used to see me keenly as if she wants to talk to me. She was there for more than one month and no one used to take her news from her family.Her every body part was running with some medical instrument.

On third bed a lady with operated shoulder was crying and calling nurse but for some time no one responded her because of some unbilled amount. All her family members had moved away. She called me and asked to connect a number from my phone.

Fourth bed was amused by a lady who was just over with a heart surgery.Her fmaily members were more interested in other patients rather than her. Her husband was shying to lift her up for toilet. Some relatives were busy in gossiping while some were coming to cursing her apart from knowing her well beingness.

Fifth Bed was most inspirational bed for me. Because it has taught me the moral of life. a little girl with swelling in kidneys was hospitalized there for more than 2 weeks. Her parents were blind. They were given special permission to stay with her doll. I was impressed, when came to know that her father was pursuing MBA and Mother was pursuing B.ed. They were so live and happening that changed all negative vibrations of that sick ward. Their little daughter was so suffered, that she could not use to wake up to go to toilet herself but she only used to show the way to toilet to her parents. At the time of lunch and dinner first she used to feed her parents then she used to grab the meal. for what ever time i had spent with them, i could not see even a scar of irritation and rudeness on their faces. What all I have found them with a glow of smiling assertive faces.

After two days of hospitalization i was discharged. I came back with lots of hot and sour feelings of sorrowness, and some touchy, soothing and heart watering feelings of living life. I had taken birth in a well to do family where I found so supportive parents then siblings. I have some one in form of Husband who always takes care of mine. And now I am nursing a tiny life within me , which gives me a feeling of completeness….What else one want???????????I realised that every bed was having a eider-down of money packets or cash backup As it was a renound top most hospital. But still ……..now I was happy with my broken bed {AT HOME} with no complaints just like those others who have a strong wish to make life live and happening, with no grudges of being deprived from god’s grace.


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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5 Responses to “The Broken Bed”

  1. Sunny says:

    Awesome….I was feeling as a part of your story and listening rymes from small girl and watching small girl with strong determination towards life and caring for parents….Waiting for more such Lively stories 🙂

  2. Very Inspring and Lovely……..

  3. thanks lesley and patrick for liking the post..

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