It used to be a great fun then..

Mesmerizing days of childhood,

I remember everything my mom..

  • when after last bong of school ,
     I used to run towards your office directly,
    to vocalise all days happenings..
    and after coming home,
    you used to ask me,
    to sleep with your lullabies,
    but those lullabies did not work for me,
    I used to glide in scorching heat,
    making you fall asleep,
    then I had been castigated by you after coming home..
    it used to be a great fun then….
  • when i used to wait for your salary at month end,
    and used to wait for coin’s tumbling from your wallet,
    I used to whisk away that coin for toffies, even after finishing packets of chocolates at home,
    you used to catch your head because of me,
    it used to be a great fun then…
  • when my teeth were becoming taint because of eating toffies all the time,
    you did not use to allow me to have more sweets ,
    and used to camouflage sweet packets at place out of my reach,
    but I used to inquest that and finish it before your alighting,
    then you used to buzzer me again,
    it used to be a great fun then…
  • when I used to blubber, because could not brush up on history lessons,
    then you used to give me warmth feeling of your lap,
    and used to show the ropes of all subject
    I used to get good marks in class exams,
    it used to be great fun then…
  • when we used to visit our village and I could not sleep because of power cut,
    you used to aerate me taking flabellum in your hand for whole night,
    I used to enjoy your lap and get catnap at portico,
    beneath open sky with moon and scintillating stars,
    but even after whole night’s wakefulness,
    you used to rise and shine for my breakfast,
    it used to be a great fun then…
  • when I used to catch by weather and get below par,
    then my cold feet and watery eyes after espying injection,
    you used to fondle me and I used to bloom with your propensity,
    it used to be a great fun then…
 I remember everything mom..
you persevere concerned, because you are a “MOTHER”
I can get the hang of your perturb because I am a “MOTHER TO BE”

About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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