Sometimes it becomes difficult to make choice, A question of “Either/ Or”

Sunday blues..yes we all were so happy just because it was Sunday. After completing my household task’s marathon, when i entered in bed room, my husband said “we will not waste it. Let’s go somewhere”..

I gave a warm smile and started to pack my baby’s bag with all her necessary goods. We left home at 6 pm. Suddenly my crafty bug bitten me, so i requested to go towards indirapuram to take my sewing machine’s needle as it was broken. Then my husband told why not to refill CNG in our car , so we turned towards Ghazipur cng station.

First we refilled Petrol from nearby petrol pump, and then stood in hue Que. In between a passage comes, from where vehicle from petrol pump go over, so ethically we left space for them. Immediately one sardar came with red desire and started to get inside the Que in between. The guard was standing there, tried to stop him, and said there are almost 10 cars waiting for long before you, but that man has not stopped and boffed  his car with ours.

we came out of car and saw both gates were invaded badly and his cars colour was pasted on our car’s doors. That bastered came out of his car and denied that he hit the car . when people from the Que came and started to criticize him, he and his wife started to cry..

I called on emergency helpline no 100 at 7:20 pm. as per the rules PCR is supposed to come there within 2 min. but it was 7:54, and i could not get anyone there. In between i called them several times but police man on line has told me to note down the time when i said him that i have been calling them for too many times.

I saw some policeman on road standing by barricades near Ghazipur toll, so took my baby and went there, while my husband was keeping that man stopped there only. I went to them and told them about the case. up till then PCR came to the place. It was 8:30 pm now, then before telling anything sardar told policeman i am brother of blahblahblah..Now tell me where have i bang the car? That policeman came and asked us to do compromise. we asked him to get our car repaired. But that man denied. I was shocked to listen words from policeman” madam you yet don’t know Indian judicial system, nothing will happen, let him go”.

When i asked policeman to lodge my complaint and give me the complaint reference no in written he denied. He started to narrate the troubles which will be caused in court if we will  take the case further. Finally situation came when i spitted on that sardar and ask him to run away.

We were coming back after fighting for 2 long hours, my husband said dont spoil the mood. tell me what would you like to have. By that time my husband had turned the car towards Vaishali. When i  said kuku is slept now, lets go back to home, again we took turn towards DPS Indirapuram. We were just discussing about the helpless system and that basterd sardar, as we reached Shanti Gopal hospital road, we saw one car has hit a lady, she fell down and one bike passed over her head. Oh god..oh husband immediately parked car side-wise, and run towards her. He lifted that lady and took her to hospital. it was around 11 pm, although she was seriously injured but thank god..she was not dead at-least..once her treatment started and her family members came my husband came back…

We all were speechless..Could not decide..Only question was persisting of “Either/Or” there.. What is more important..Case we were talking on previously? Or the accident we saw recently? Or topic of rusted police system, Or discussion on our helplessness because we are the bread earners..Or to be happy that we are capable to afford good hospitals and doctors.. Or above all we should thank god that we come back to our home every day after going out????


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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