This is how i overcame the pain..

Yes this is true, running behind our day to day tasks, completing them, sometimes you forget yourself, and start to take work from your body, like a machine. But at the same time we should remember that machines also require rest and repair time to time..

It was as usual busy day for me ..every thing was going at its pace,,my baby woke up in evening  and watching her video..suddenly in between eating something, she vomited out and her nose started to run then…oh god,,,right now everything was OK, what happened suddenly..i took it easy, dressed her well, and took her to garden to change her mood..After coming back she had little of her food and went to sleep..I was about to be relaxed she woke up and got irritated with bad nose..Cough was not letting her sleep..I took her crib to another room, and kept on waiting when she will sleep, she was continuously crying. I had a glimpse of watch and it was 4 Am. Next morning we woke up at 8 am but now i was suffering from severe migrane. i was expecting some one to give a cup of tea, but i had to manage it alone.. These are the things how to overcome such situation:

  • I observed that it was not only cough cold, which was not allowing her to take rest, she was getting colic as well because of vomiting she did 2-3 times.,So gave her collicade drops.
  • when ever my baby suffers from cough cold, rather than starting allopathic medicine, i  give her some herbs, watch it for two days, den follow with medicine if required.. Giving medicine immediately, could lead to weaken baby’s immune system, and cough cold will occur repeatedly. I give her one Holy basil leaf every morning. And at the time of cough cold, one one drop of ginger and Holy basil leaf juice mixed in honey, give it twice a day.
  • next day i made pulse soup, tempered with asafoetida, black Pepper, cloves and garlic.
  • took hot mustured oil with garlic, thymol seed, fenugreek and rubbed it on her body, specially on head,chest and palms.
  • Took baby out of ac room to a room moisten with vapor, which helped her to keep her nose open to breath.
  • In case of migrane also, above mentioned oil worked wonderfully. massage it properly on head, and behind ears.
  • Eat something, which is more basic in nature, to control your acidity, as acidity could be a reason for migrane.
  • At last take rest along with doctors advice, always be positive, and never give up attitude is recommended always.

About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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