Breastfeed: the biggest challange

Recently i visited hospital for my baby’s vaccination. I found a pamphlet there which was to recommend exclusive breastfeed for babies uptill 6 months of age. Immediately i started to recall the days when i gave birth to my baby.

It was a cesarean, next day doctor came and told me”tomorrow you have to get up, try to take a walk and feed your baby”. I was in such pain , i could not even think of to cough, How will i feed her, i was in a panic situation. I asked doctor to bring my baby to me in night from nursery. As i took her, a positivity just started to flow in my blood, i forgot my pain and decided to feed her. As we both were juvenile, me in terms of mother, and she as a feeding baby, she was not able to feed properly. I also heard that if baby could not feed for initial days, will not feed further. Other than this i was not able to take proper sitting position due to stitches. I started to inquire about instruments i can use for the purpose. Whole night passed with huge physical and emotional pain, and offcoure with a Biggest question mark of breast feed.

Next morning doctor came for visit and i asked her about the problem. She suggested me not to be panic, spend time together, automatically a bonding will be there, and you both will be comfortable, she confirmed.

Soon within day or two she started to feed properly, but i could feed her only left side, I was not comfortable for right side position, so a swollen structure started to pop up under my right arm. I Tried lots of position and overcame with all the troubles coming in between me and baby. I am zotting them down, whatever i can remember and recall:

  • The very first lesson being a mother is to be positive, patience and calm always, through out life.
  • Whenever you breastfeed, take measured of hygiene, clean hands and breasts before every feed.
  • Try and make out different positions as per comfort of your baby and you. There is nothing to be shy about. Take support of as many pillows you want to or even of your husband. this will create strong bonding among  your family members.
  • Seeking advice is good but not at the  cost of  getting frustrated or being depressed. They will be huge in numbers who will discourage you but very few who will suggest you the right ways. If you are puzzled with something talk to your doctor openly.
  • There are lots of myths about breastfeed, as if you breast feed your baby in lying down position, milk starts to flow out of his/her ear, nothing such happens. Reason is sometimes milk goes flowing from baby’s cheek to ear, which may lead to ear infection, so when ever feeding this way, put cotton or soft cloth between baby’s cheek and ear, so that if milk is flowing down, it can absorb the same.
  • Some old ladies says, you don’t have good quality of milk, that’s why baby is not gaining weight. Don’t believe them, Breast milk is best nutritious thing for babies, it changes the composition as per baby’s requirement, easy to digest, and with required antibodies. That’s why WHO recommends for exclusive breast feed atleast for 6 months.
  • Post delivery, don’t be dependent on Allopathic medicines completely as possible. Try some Herbs and Ayurvedic medicines for long lasting effect. Specially For Lactation, There are some herbs which work wonderfully. One ayurvedic drink is Galact  to intake with milk or satavari churna, which enhances lactation and also boosts your immunity, which went down during pregnancy.
  • Asfoetida, Cumin seeds, Fennel, Fenugreek seeds, Long pepper, poppy seeds, thymol seeds, turmeric, gum tragacanth are the herbs meant for good lactation and strengthen mother’s body. These are the herbs which do not have any side effects and could be taken in long run. In India ladies prepare a kind of sweet containing all these herbs, and are given to mother immediately after delivery. I will share its recepie soon.
  • Taking one Holy basil leaf empty stomach is always recommended.
  • Choose high caloried food, fruits and a complete balanced diet, as it requires 5oo extra calories when you breast feed a baby.
  • Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. One glass normal water before and after breastfeed is must, or when ever you feel thrust. take soups and milk.
  • Try to give ample rest to your body, because it takes lots of energy as body remains in the process of recovery and feeding at the same time. exertion may lead to diminish lactation, avoid Stress.
  • when ever you are feeding just concentrate on your baby, sing, play and talk with your baby.



About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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