And I was alive once again!!!

I was becoming restless after three sleepless nights, as my daughter was suffering from Viral. Everything was going well, as always, we went to garden in the evening. One baby was feeding milk with bottle, in between my daughter went there to play with her, saw her sipping, snatched her bottle and immediately took it in her mouth. Later on i came to to know that she was suffering from viral fever, which impacted my daughter too.

By this time my husband was also on a tour. It became very painful to see kuku (my daughter) sneezing, coughing and scorching with fever. I consulted doctor, but these antibiotics effects through gut, help mucous to come out, so loose motions and vomitings were happening at the same time. Doctor asked me to keep her hydrated all the time, so most of the time i kept her on my feed. After 2 days, when motions were not taking name to stop, i went to doctor again.

On the way we passed through a small garden, and Kuku insisted me to take her on swings. I promised her to come back once we will meet the doctor. I was so puzzled by the time, feeling like to cry, and used to become more nervous and depressed once taking glimpse of my baby, as she was looking so weak.

After consulting doctor, Whatever way i consoled myself and started to step forward towards garden. I saw one girl merely aged 8 years, was taking her younger sister in her lap, both were swinging and eating dried chapatis. I went on other swing with kuku and started to sing rhymes. They both were enjoying. I saw the younger one was wearing black goggle and she was peeping though it. I found it very funny and asked her, give this goggle to me, i also want to wear. Her elder sister started to tell me “She has got operated for cataract, that’s why she is wearing goggle”. And conversation started like:-

me- Where is your mother.

girl- She comes here to work in houses. She works as a made.

me- Do you come here everyday with her.

girl- Yes. My sister has got operated and i have my ear with injured eardrum. My mother has to give our medicines, that’s why she brings us here.

me- How did your eardrum get injured?

girl- I was sleeping. My elder brother came to wake me up. He squawked in my ear and it got injured.  now push comes out of it. Doctor is asking it to get operated in govt. hospitle.

me- What does your father do?

girl- We have lost him.

i was standing there with my mouth shut and heart was like stopped. I took two biscuit packets and offered them, first they denied and later on they took and ate that. This was the thing what i could hardly do for them.

Immediately my whole life since childhood to uptill now, started to get forward in front of my eyes, I started to think about my happy family, my brothe and sister, husband and daughter, I am what  i wanted to be as per my choice, nothing was forceful. I realized the meaning of prosparity. I analysed love and affection, i sorted out all the troubles i was  counting in my life, i was speechless and just thanking god for whatever situation i am in.

I Asked both kids to meet again tomorrow , my heart was filled with gratitude and i made a move towards my home, “And i was alive once again!!!”

Much Love


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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