How loved we were, we miss you now and you are no more..

Long before, when we all were kids, we all three brothers and sisters, were playing in our bed room. It was a hot mercury day and we were trying to chill our self with our as usual fights and talks. A TV was placed in the corner of the room and our grand father was sitting showing his back to it.

Suddenly we all three laughed watching an english cartoon episode.. We laughed bursting our hearts and started to jump on bed. Whole room was echoing with our loud laughter. Suddenly we heard a mesmerizing sound of our grand pa, who was laughing slowly, as if he did not want to disturb the scene he was watching.

My brother who was in 3rd standard, saw him and whispered in our ears, look at Dada ji.. Why is he laughing so?? I asked him, Dada ji do you know what we are laughing at?? You don’t even know english, so can’t laugh on serial we are watching on?? Then what are you laughing at????

He passed a gentle smile and said.. I don’t know anything but you three are happy, that’s why i am getting happy looking you all.. Be like this always..This conversation was going on and i brought some cold grapes and papaya for him and i started to feed him.

Next morning it was first time when i recalcitranced that i will cook food today. Being working lady, my mom told me OK, i will do all basic preparation and you cook further, as i have to go early today. I remember first time i cooked dal, vegetable and chapati. I knew that my grandpa loves papad and chatni, i served that also.

He ate the food took some rest and told me that i am going outside in the garden. I don’t know why,  thought came in my mind, when i saw our neighbor uncle was going to his office. I started to think, i am alone at my home. He is also going. If i will face some emergency, whom will i take help from?? Then i bang my head and thought, why am i thinking so passively??

Suddenly i saw my mother is coming back, as she could not find any vehicle because of some strike. As she entered, she heard a noise in garden. She ran there and called me. I saw my grand father was getting faint. I went towards our boundary and called our neighbor to give us some help. We took him to hospital and up till then he was lost in coma, as a result of paralysis attack. Three months from then he was no more with us.

That was the day i realized how things happen, as if they were preplanned. I never believed in destiny but now i do. He used to say to me “i will die once have your cooked food”. He used to say to my mother that you will take my generation ahead with education, as you are the first educated working lady in my family. Educate your kids as much you can and never expect help from someone. You wanted to see toppers in your family, you were passionate about doctors and engineers.

Now your dreams have come true. Mom has fulfilled her duty educating us. We have Gold medalist doctor and engineer in our triad. We all are well settled and self dependent. No financial crisis are there, what you have faced during your time. I am living at a place which used to be your favorite place, being a freedom fighter. We have got everything you wanted,  but we are not blessed with your company now.

Now i realize what was that sacred love and valuing that precious feeling, you were getting happy for looking us laughing. Time does not wait for us. I don’t know why i am missing you so badly today, How loved we were, we miss you now, when we have lost you …


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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