Who says money can’t buy solace??

We always discuss and go with thought that  money can purchase everything but not solace and love, so i used to think but sometimes how does a fraction teach you so many lessons, i came to know.

Yes, this was the time when we were going for our most awaited trip to Nainital, a hill station in Uttarakhand, India. For days i was packing my luggage and swinging in dwele drum situation of what should be taken and what not? And as always more bags were packed as per my promised numbers.

One day before, when my husband came back from office  and saw one corner of my room was taking breath with so many suffocated bags. He asked me “are we going for a month or two”? Sweetie this is 4 days short trip!! I squeezed my face and said, please let me take. As we are traveling with a 2 yr old kid and whether is so uncertain there. You don’t know what will you need and when. And i am relaxed because we are taking our vehicle, otherwise you know i am so precise. I took his positive nod and started to collect my daughter’s toys also ( in “to be taken bag”).

As per my every travel habit, i used to take her small mattress, bedsheets, pillows ( her favourite heart and sheep pillow), laptop, 2-3 books, ball and some balloons, so that she can feel home even inside the car. This time one of her kitty cat was added in so.


One day after her vaccination when she was not taking name to stop crying, we went to one Archies gallery to buy her favourite monkey, but she picked up a cat toy, which was as per her size. And since then it was her all time favourite. From taking bath to nap, having lunch/ dinner to garden, every time everywhere kitty cat used to be there with her.


Next evening with lots of arguments, preparations, bookings and everything has been taken feeling, we reached Nainital. We took rest in the night  and next morning we went Nainital lake, where our boat sailor told us about the sights we can see. We took our car and reached  that waterfall nearby Sukhatal. In between we enjoyed hot Maggie, kuku took leverage of good weather and enjoyed swinging. Then we headed towards waterfall.IMG_2815

Everything was going well and we were splendidly capturing mother nature near waterfall. I was carrying baby bag and my daugher in my lap. And my naughty daughter was carrying her kitty cat in her lap as always. Suddenly one family came and started to create mess there. I remain very conscious while taking kuku with me, but this time i was over concentrated on my daughter as i was standing in midstream. Suddenly i took a step back and kitty cat slipped from kuku’s hand. I was happy that i did not take any dangerous action in anxiety and keep looking it flowing. My husband tried to save it but water streams takes everything with them and forgive no one. We were watching it sinking, floating, flowing and so our hearts were. It was a feeling as if we can’t do anything for our daughter, because she started to yell for her best toy pet.

Last pic taken with cat

Last pic taken with cat

We did not know whom should be get angry upon? I was admitting my mistake but nothing was coming in my hand other than repentance. This could be a monetary loss for us so we can forget that but it was an emotional sock for my daughter what we could not bear up. Now it was not only a toy, as we started to talk about that, how did kuku use to take her all the time. I was becoming restless and feeling like i have missed something important from my life and could not save it. Now my husband was ready to pay even ten thousand or more for that cat toy, but any how he wanted to see that in kuku’s hand.

I started to search that toy online, and finally got one image. Then i searched it’s manufacturing company. But agony was: very less galleries used to keep that brand. And if they had, cat was out of stock. After working hard for 2 days continuously, calling all different galleries in delhi/ncr, finally i was promised by one, to bring cat. We paid more than thrice price for that. And this time if someone will ask me about our happiest moment, we would say, the time when we had that toy in our hands.

I had learnt lots of lessons with this trip so that trips further should not be turned away in sorrow and guilt:

  • Prepare a list of things to be carried.
  • Segregate them in important and less important.
  • Leave every less important material.
  • Not to take any sensitive thing at such sensitive places.
  • Always make a balance with placate mind, not to be carried away with anyone’s statement.
  • Not becoming extra adventurous while taking kids.

I thank goddess Laxmi to be blessed with her. She has given us Mental solace and love with her power.


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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