A horrifying day

This was 9 am on sunday and i was cooking samosas in breakfast. In between my husband came talking on the phone and transferred it in my hands referring my name. That was so unintentional phone call, i never wanted to talk to, but a wife’s soul has talked and continued.

It was not less than a taruma, why did i talk and whole history of chat was coming up in my mind and i kept myself cursing why did i take the phone? But who cares?? I kept myself on silent mode and that stress was releasing thousands of anti deepti acids in my body, which were making me so irritated, lonely and discomfortable.

Things went on and next morning sharp 9 am i was feeling one thundering light from my nose to neck. I was deep inside the pain and could not help myself. I tried all best possible yoga activities, took medicine but nothing was working. And this time i realised as if i need some blessings other than medicine. 😛

On the other hand my little munchkin was not aware about my health and she wanted me to play with her, with double of her energy. I tried hard but finally i gave up. She is just 2 and when i asked her to play her self as mamma is not well, she took her toys and kept playing without disturbing me and that was the time i took rest.

I was feeling helpless, and was trying to contact everyone at home, but all were busy with their tasks and no one was reading my wives. But this time my 2 year toddler became my helping hand, as she was bringing and keeping things, as per i guided her. I was crying inside blanket and she heard me sobbing. She came to console and said mamma don’t cry mamma. Then she went in kitchen, brought laddo and said mamma eat this, don’t cry. Good girl mamma!! looking at her i started to cry more, how innocent she is and today she is taking care of mine.

In the evening when husband came from office, finally his hot oil chumpy worked and i took a long relieved breath. While went to bed i was summing up my past two days:

  • Deepti always means to be happy, open and straightforward. So why this time i could not speak that i don’t want to talk.
  • I am also a scorpion so i prefer “live and let live”. If someone is trying to poke in my nitch, result every one knows well.
  • I should be more visionaire now, because i am a mother now, and my every action means a lot.
  • When no one was around, my little helping hand was working like my support system and i realised only she knows me now.
  • Some were laughing that i  am troubled and writing on facebook, but you never know, when you are suffering, which help comes which way.

About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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