Life as housewife

Being a working woman, when I left the job, how days were passing with my new born, I could not even realize. As she started to grow and I found some time for myself, I was in dark feeling of “not working”.

I asked myself “who says house wives are not working”?? Then I analysed my life, my personality and came to the conclusion, it’s not if you are job oriented professional, then only you make your life successful. Management is reflected in your modus operandi. You never know success comes which way? Fetching money and becoming a money printing machine does not restrict versatility of “success”. I define it as inert happiness coming along the way, taking your skills {what you are passionate about} to professional level.

It is even more difficult as housewife, because they are house maker. Whole family roam around her, she is the one managing everything, from kitchen to drawing room, Washroom to bedroom. When all the members are on leave, she is the one, still engrossed with her work, taking care of every one. And one comes to know about her importance, when she is not available for all those house hold task due to any reason, may be health issues or so.

Yes, definitely money buys everything, but it can’t purchase that affection which a lady of house showers. Any one can cook food but no one can solace your stomach until she serves. Who so ever cleans the house but no one can organise it, the way she does. There is a long list, if we will count the number of tasks she executes on day to day basis.

Being a housewife and mother simultaneously, i have started to enjoy my home. Since morning to evening I am engaged with fix time schedule. If I spend even half hour here and there, I start to run out of time. In Spare time which I name as “my time”, I live my life doing all my favourite activities like painting, craft work, stitching, home decoration and many more.

By evening I count my productivity, it’s not if I have done some heavy work keeping weight on my head, it is even if I plant a small seedling or holy basil in flower pot or stitching a tiny frock for my daughter, either decorating my house with small things or even keeping my house neat and clean, either making a toy or cooking something different for my loved ones, sometimes even putting a face pack or visiting beauty parlour, everything count in my productivity panel.

When people ask me you were working, I say I am still working and even more. Being house wife doesn’t means to slow down your life with same monotonous work, it means accepting new challenges every hour, meeting your goals with self esteem, to set new mile stones for yourself. And I am on the same way.

Dedicating all my work not only for house wives, woman rather, I am starting a chain of blog posts things I do in “my time”. I will share my experiences and would love to listen yours.

Till then keep following posts and enjoy!!

Still working



About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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