School name is important or your approach matters?

Being a mother your circle and friend’s group remain restricted. When I was going through my friend list, most of the names were from the category, with whom my kid plays around, who all are my kid’s classmates, one who comes to my home to have a quality time and some with whom my kid was comfortably gaining knowledge.

I found myself at the verge. I was not enjoying a company of those, who are discussing everything other than Kids.  This used to be the group I cherished most and loved to spend time with. This was the friend’s group I fell into discussion on enormous topics including work, life, creativity and far beyond, living life having bindaas attitude!!

But this part of my life was filled with actions accompanying thought, revolving around like moon to earth, earth to sun 24/7. In context to this I planned a meet with one of my friend to have chit chat. After some formal talks when we entered in kid’s material, we didn’t have idea of.

We started to discuss school, as both of us were looking for good school, to send our kids along. We discussed from teacher to peon, programmes and learning, from their out lounges to playground and in fact toilet to parking. We took glimpse of every school with our imagination, situated nearby our society. We concluded the conversation, coming to the company and surroundings, our kids are going to have.

Once she went, I received the call from my home. Greeting them happily!! I asked with anxiety, Where are you right now? Knowing that they were about to visit my younger sister, who is a Gynaecologist. My father giggled and said yes, we are on the way, about to reach. I asked hurriedly, have you appointed new driver?? You were saying, who was working before was not well.

Listening driver’s name my jaw dropped. What!! Brij??? Brij was my sister’s classmate during school. My father nodded!! You got right!! We continued the conversation and papa assured me to call back, once he will reach the destination.

When I disconnected the phone, my previous discussion with friend and this conversation with papa, started to conflict. Soon my mind became a battlefield of thoughts. I was discussing about company, surrounding, teaching staff but I forgot to include point, which was in the top most row of vitality. I didn’t include” one’s moral and values” and ultimately “The approach towards life and success”. Which is not part of any syllabus or curriculum as special subject. It comes in our genes from our Parents and lead us to the theory of “Survival of fittest”.

I am not criticizing anyone’s job, he/ she is earning bread butter from. My sister and Brij, a Doctor and a car driver?? Stomaching the fact deep inside. I was comparing struggle they both did, company they lived in, playground they enjoyed, library and books they were accessing, teachers who were showering knowledge on them.

Now nothing was diesy in mind. Yes, I was clear with my thought and action. Undoubtedly everything matters but what matters most is, Approach towards Life!! We got it from our Parents and transforming to the next generation.

Progressing Transformation!! Would be happy to listen your thoughts!!





About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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2 Responses to School name is important or your approach matters?

  1. archana says:

    Hey Deepti , to be very honest i admired u the day i met u n m a regular reader of ur blog…though v miss out something in day today life but get every information from ur blog… thanks for posting n keep doing good job ….all the best

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