Am I deviated being mother??

When I wake up at 6 in morning, I see her wrapped around in blanket. After completing morning formality by 6:30  I reach in kitchen to prepare our breakfast cum lunch. I see off my husband saying Ta-ta with a tiffin and usually by this time little cub is woke up.

If I do not attend her, usually IMG_20150509_083518I find her at washroom’s door, to gather my attention. It ignites a guilt  in my soft pouch, kept in my rib cage. Why could I not attend her, greeting Good morning, with a rhyme. I find rhymes works like cup of coffee and biscuit for her.

Once she leaves the bed, whole day I find myself,  enmeshed with her routine work. In between even if I scold her, warn her not to be so sticky with me, still she glues with me. Sometimes I get frustrated, why can’t you play yourself? Why do you need my company all the time?? Her annoyance is manifested, sitting at washroom’s doormat with her usual cosy blanket.

Once again small pumping machine starts to pump affection, blood instead. I can’t resist this “mother by nature chemical” to dominate my body. I go to her, taking some of her favourite toys. As soon I say, lets Play !! She is again in up gear. We innovate useless games, worthwhile giving meanings to our relation.

Today’s day of this mother was accompanied with little more physical tiredness. I took a project to clean my craft room. Then after feeding her with lunch, I thought her to sleep. But every time when my batteries are getting down, she is recharged with more than double. Energy pack was not letting her sleep and then happened, what I was afraid of. Students came and I had to take class. Since 4 to 7 pm continuously I was condensing silence. Still she was soliciting my attention, as per her pre planned  conspiracy. She won my attention and snatched my concern.

Once students were gone, I felt like a garbage collector. Banding, picking and bringing all her toys back to their destination almirah. In between her father cum my husband rang the bell. She smels him like sniffer. Ran towards door saying ” Rat a tat, rat a tat who can it be, lets go and see”. I opened the door and father took daughter in lap. Session of complaints and what did she do whole day started. I took leverage and  straighten my back bone. All vertebrae were appreciating me.

After a while I came back with tea and snacks. Here comes my husband, taking responsibility of little owl’s bed time, asking me to take rest, as my face was certifying exertion. I witnessed them narrating stories. One who took responsibility, was found slept. She came to me and started to pull my finger, as I was working on laptop. I asked her to sleep herself and she followed. I heard her repeating all those rhymes, I used to tell her at bed time. Her melodies were getting mild, and she was slept.

I am still working on laptop. Why?? Am I not tired?? Yes, I am but again guilt is ruling my four chambered structure. Have I done something wrong, asking her to sleep her self?? Am I deviated from my duty being mother?

Put your impressions!!

Deepti !!


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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One Response to Am I deviated being mother??

  1. Bhanu says:

    I guess you would have figured out by now and things might have changed ?

    The thoughts itself will lead you to the answer because you are good person on the inside and all the retrospection will make you know what you should. Didn’t it ?

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