Was that a sex appeal? (Part I)

It was first day of office. I was going to be professional. Excitement was soaring so much , I could not sleep whole night. My cosy bed, cushions, Ac’s cooling and finally even walk could not control my anxiety. Finally I heard some chirping sounds, in my small garden. Though I was eagerly waiting for sun rays but, I consoled my heart to wait for while.
I pursued my morning formalities and picked up a short skirt and formal while shirt, as I decided to wear this to join my dream and wore that. I was glowing with happiness and thick eye liner with light pink gloss was adding charm to my face.

I was filled with enthuse. I caught rickshaw  and then metro from my home. I was traveling like I had never travelled before. All sins of my life were excused, it felt so. I never felt that wisdom, so free and confident. Though I sowed so many seeds, but this was first one I was reaping fruits from its gigantic tree.

Distance was not taking name to be covered. But finally I reached the destination. As soon I got down on the main entrance, I was stopped there to check the Identity card issued by the organisation. I immediately opened a file, filled with all necessary documents  and showed the offer letter. I was watching all employees, having their I cards, hung in their necks, what previously I used to wear my college’s one. I was dreaming about tomorrow when I will also have same I-card in my hand or neck. It was kind of power like any superhero, which used to allow them to enter any mysterious gate or passage.

Crossing all those obstacles, I entered to a screening door, where once again I was stopped.  I was not having thumb impression identity, so one guard came to help me out. As soon that glass door opened, I found a different world inside. I never saw such placate work environment to work, where people seemed to be so decent. As I was keenly observing everything in a glimpse, HR manager came in front and greeted me. With a little introduction and smile, she asked me to had a seat inside a big meeting lounge.

A big round table with lots of chairs around, light grey carpet, freshening room fragrance, a white board, desktops fitted on every seat, a tiny mike in front of chair…It was not less than heaven for me, as per what ever description I had heard about…

Within a minute I just had glimpse of that beautiful environment and started choosing seat, becoming helpless with college time’s habits. This side would be good, I would be able to see the board, or that one would be ok. I sat on almost five chairs and found the view almost same from everywhere. Finally I chose a seat adjacent to board, from where I could see door also and board too.

At the same time, more “employees to be” had started to come. I greeted first one, who was a lady. I asked about her and we started chatting. We saw seven more was entering inside one by one. All were girls, I greeted everyone, and as I did with first one, had a bit of introduction talk with everyone. We all started laughing “Aren’t we going to have any boy in our lobby??  All female’s occupied teams are going to be there??”

Though who so ever was entering inside, I was the first one to greet them and taking there introduction. So as usual, I was asked to greet one more, who was a BOY.
To be continued !!
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About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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