Was that a sex appeal? (Part II)

As the boy entered inside, I found that same environment among us, what usually senseless people do, when a girl child is delivered. He was also looking little nervous, noticing all girls around. Definitely, he must be taking some perception in his mind about girls.

He came and chose most distant seat from all girls, lobbying and gossiping. He was siting quiet, I noticed him little nervous, as if we all were sitting there to take his interview. Every one was expecting some words to be pocked out from his mouth, but he seemed to zip his mouth, or he must be chewing bubble-gum !!

Though every one was keen to talk. But that sudden change in environment, where all were watching each other, some were smiling and some were taunting with lifting eyes and eyebrows. I could not resist and said hello to him!!

He also replied well. I said I am Niya. Are you also going to join? He replied yes. And soon we started talking, that same introduction and something in general. Then I introduced all the girls to that boy. But when it came to introduce him, I said, I am so sorry, I didn’t ask your name. All started laughing, and that shy boy broke his cocoon and came out as a decent young man. He introduced himself with his name “Atharv” showing all his confidence, that all girls were sitting around, started clapping for him.

Then I asked his interests, as we already discussed ours. He replied humbly, I like to read philosophy. I smiled and said were that written anywhere in those books, that you should not sit near girl’s lobby. He said no!! nothing like this !!. We all asked him to take a seat near to us so that he can also join our discussion. Soon he also shifted his seat and sat nearby one girl.

Environment inside was filled with joy and ambitions. Everyone was asking about each other’s college, education, recruitment, interviews and all. everyone was engrossed in their respective adjacent chair mate, Yes!! chair mate, because no one was friend to anyone till now.

Immediately I saw door was opening again. I said Shhhhhh!!! Someone is coming. Ohhhhh!!! That boy said again a boy???????? Now at least I am having someone here to make a lobby like you girls !! Second one was not looking so, what Atharv seemed. He took a deep breath and grab a seat.

Atharv, who entered first, looked at me, smiled and said – Niya, get start. Introduction!! I smiled and said hi to the one who was recently entered. I started the process of taking names of every one and when I was introducing Atharv with new comer, I took pinch and said Meet Atharv Most daring boy, who dared to intrude in girl’s range. And what’s your name, I asked? He replied with “Umang”.

This way we seven girls and two boys were again spreading our murmuring sound in cabin. Umang noticed that HR manager, he met earlier, was about to enter the room. He said I know him, In fact he took my interview. He is very discipline loving guy and doesn’t tolerate any nonsense. He made us afraid to the HR manager, as if he was an Army general. As soon HR manager entered, room was fragranced with his perfume. I was dying to ask his perfume’s brand but though I had heard a lot about him from Umang, I couldn’t dare to show this indecent behaviour. I kept my mouth shut until he speaks.

In between a lesson of my life was coming in front, and he humbly asked, Hi!! May I come inside? Sorry, it seems I am late but I was stopped at entrance for my I card. HR manager smiled and said, “please come in, Have a seat”. Though New comer spoke very simple words, what we use every now and then but they were found so decent and energetic. Everyone started throwing words in terms of facial expressions to each other, every one clearly made it out, that all wanted to say, he is so Smart.

Suddenly Atharv lifted his eyebrow and pointed me out towards new comer, who was wearing a plain white shirt and royal blue branded tie. We all even noticed his shoes and watch he was wearing. Kind of treatment he got from HR manager, we realised that he has come to join as Admin head.

Atharv did some action and everyone smiled. I soon caught them, they are challenging me : now take his introduction, as you were taking everyone’s, as entered. I smiled and accepted the challenge. HR manager soon started the session, we became serious, to ride our dream job vehicle.

Session was going on, we were told about all joining formalities, terms and conditions, about our allowances, salary details because first time we all were getting bifurcated salary details. After this, HR manager said, now I would like to take your introduction. Please start coming here and give your introduction. Everyone laughed out loud and said  Niya Start. I was standing in front, in white shirt, short formal skirt and having a charming innocent face. I greeted everyone again, and after completing mine I told HR manager that I can tell you briefly about everyone, because before you came, I was taking this responsibility. I was speaking voiciferously but  was still watching Atharv’s face, challenging me, you could not take new comer’s introduction!!!


To be continued!!

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Deepti !!



About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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