Was that a sex appeal? (Part IV)

.. So many things were going in my mind, and I was trying to choose best one to perform, so as to put impression in everyone’s mind. Who doesn’t want to?? At last first impression is last impression.

As I said hello, Atharv again ignited the fire within me to complete the challenge. I told everyone about my interests, and the list was not ending. I gave them options to choose anything among them, what should I  perform.

Finally the fishy mind insisted me to do mimicry. I asked, with all of yours permission, can I start doing everyone’s mimicry?? All said, it would be so interesting. I started doing everyone’s and finally it came to mimic as  HR manager, the legend, whom every one was afraid to. All were looking at my face, what am I going to do?? As I myself was going to dig a pothole, in which someday I would be going to fall.

I went out of the main door and came inside. I said though I don’t have that solacing perfume’s fragrance, and I don’t even know about any men’s perfume, but I would like to act after he entered the cabin. All started laughing. HR manager smiled and replied it was “Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau Fraiche Body Splash”. Laughter was loaded in high pitch. I said now I am hopeless that someday I would be able to remember this name.

Copying HR manager, I started taking session the way he was taking. And finally my brain child brought me in role and asked that newcomer, that gentle man to stand up. I asked him to give his introduction. Atharv was looking at me surprisingly, as if he wanted to say, You have gone mad. You don’t have future in this company for long. But I was thinking, is someone coming to bite me? This is kind of interaction, and till the time it is not crossing any decent limit, it’s OK.

He soon stood up and started with his kind words. By this time I came to know about him and most importantly, his name. He was Prasoon. Further I asked him to perform. He came in front and wet us with his shower of emotions, when he spoke about his family and thanked it for whatever he is now. All became emotional and started recalling their families.

The session was over with some thanks giving messages and wishing everyone all the best for next day, where everyone will come to office to showcase their expertise further.

While we were going back, I found that we seven girls, Atharv and Umang, made a strong bonding within 3 hour’s session. We were so comfortable with each other. We were making plans, discussing about project we are going to be deputed on, and above all we all promised each other for help, if needed, anytime. This bonding was consoling everyone, as if they have found a new family.

Prasoon also came out of the cabin, completing his discussion with HR manager. We witnessed him shaking hand with HR manager and taking leave for the day. He came and said, Sorry, I could not join you guys. Had to discuss something important with HR manager. I will catch you all guys tomorrow. Though our departments are different, but if you all need any kind of help from my side, please don’t think twice. I would be happy helping you all.

He said bye bye to every one, and went. We soon enmeshed ourselves in planning to see the campus area. Immediately prasoon took a flip, turned towards us and said, Niya, very smart !! I just loved that, the way you expressed yourself. Well done !! Will see you soon.

Whole group specially we seven girls, were killed by Prasoon’s  personality. Umang was little jealous with him. I noticed him, and changed the topic of discussion : let us plan for tomorrow. It is going to be a pioneer day of our life, where we will work like professionals. Everyone nodded !!


To be continued !!

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Deepti !!


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I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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