Was that a sex appeal? (Part V)

…Next morning we all reached office at time. All were looking so fresh and energetic, wearing their id cards. Though it was first working day, so all were dressed well in formals. We all met in cafeteria, as decided. Just gave morning wishes to each other, and soon started going towards training room, where we were supposed to gather, HR manager instructed us during orientation session.

When we all entered in training room, our mouths were opening like just WOW !! We never saw such training rooms, where 110 inches, wide LED screen was installed, for conferencing. All seats were having mike, desktop and a telephone. Room was soundproof. We saw our name plates kept on the desks. We all took our respective seats. Trainer entered the room. We all took a serious disciplined gesture and took our pen and note pads, which were also provided by organisation.

We all were listening every single point thoroughly with no jocks cracked, no mimicry, no actions thrown. Once training session was about to complete, we were told about our project’s deputation. We were so sad that group of seven girls and two boys was not  going further along. All were scattered. As our organisation got two new projects, so six of girls and Umang were deputed in one project, me and Atharv were deputed in another one, as per our qualification and field of interest. This way we all were given seats too, as per project requirement, in different bays.

Though we were so sad, because we could not spend much time together, as we joined on same day and enjoyed till now. But we all consoled ourselves, we are here to work, for fun any time we can gather together.

Life started going usual, like all employees were having in campus. Most often we all used to have get together in cafeteria, while having lunch or sometimes playing foosball or carom. We all were enjoying work, even after having lots of work pressure, because we were having a fantastic gang over here.

Moving ahead we all planned for a short trip outside on weekend next week.  Life was moving so fast, becoming so hectic. We all were living our lives, as if the last day of our lives. All were coming so close to each other. We seven and two boys were emotionally attached, that we started talking about our personal lives. We start talking about our families. In fact Preeti suggested us to let everyone introduce in family. And We all agreed to her.

Now I took a step forward and maintained a note, in which upcoming birthdays of group members were written. I found that Atarv’s birthday was about to come. I also maintained a contact list and shared with every one in group. I talked every one over  the phone and we all decided to give Atharv a pleasant surprise. He should feel special. Next day before we could go to our seats, we planned a secret meeting in basement, without Atharv, so we can plan for his birthday. We took out estimated cost, as we wanted to bring cake and gift, and contributed for that. we were just talking and Preeti got a phone call from Atharv, where are you all. I was searching you all in cafeteria. everyone’s phones are unreachable. Finally I caught you. And where is that stupid NIYA. Have you seen her while coming. we have to rush for  a conference call with our Project head. Has she not reached yet?

Preeti was little nervous for not to disclose the secret anyways. She cheated, no I haven’t seen anyone. In fact I was just parking the car and reaching there to see all. You wait there for a while, I am coming. She disconnected the phone and every one inhaled deep. We all planned to reach in cafeteria, one by one, so that Atharv should not suspect us. And we did it so successfully.

Day by day we were coming closer as before. Today me and Atharv got some time, so decided to go to cafeteria again. I was so fond of this place as now,  as none of the place before. Specially I use to like it’s corner seat, from where we could have a glimpse of nearby construction site and main road linking to a highway. I am a big fan of small dirty naughty kids. moving cars. Green tall trees, whose roots were so deep and penetrating, sometimes dominating.

Today Atharv asked me, why do you always sit here? Let’s go to some other seat, it is very hot here, because sunlight directly pouring from glass panel. I resisted to change the seat and denied, at last. He must have caught my mood swing and sat there quietly. I said, look at those kids, playing around, while their moms are working there as labour. They are making sand castles, some are making shoes with water bottle, some are trying to dance and jump on a pile of soil, digging mud and some are keeping bricks on their head, as their parents are doing. See the innocence been casted. Look at those trees. Just working without expectations. And look at this wide never ending road. Lives keep moving on this, it lives along with every one but never stops for anyone.

By this time, Atharv could easily make out about, something is disturbing me inside. He kept siting and I kept speaking. When I finished uttering all the words, one drop was about to come on my cheek, but before it could complete it’s journey, Atharv said, please don’t cry. Now I was managing myself to control my tears, so changed the topic, Where are Umang and rest girls. Let us call them. One of our team member approached us, when he saw us siting in corner, and granted permission to join us. I said, sure, Please have seat. We started talking about our project, as summation date was about to come. We were talking about morning huddles, conferencing with our on-shore project lead and our HR manager. Discussion was going, but Atharv was not missing watching and reading my face and noticing my eyes. Though I was gently smiling with every one but I knew that he caught me red handed!!


To be continued !!

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Deepti !!


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I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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