Was that a sex appeal? (Part VI)

.. Atharv wanted to ask so many questions to me, but still he kept quiet. I didn’t know what was stopping him to ask, may be we were not that close, although we all were sharing our family’s matters and all but still. Or he was respecting my tears, and wanted them to come out. Sometimes, silence is more powerful than words. Or by asking, he didn’t want to scratch my wounds.. Whatever it was, but day just passed, and as usual we became busy with our regular kind of office work. We were bearing the brunt of our lonely lives, as we all were staying in paying guest houses. All were from different states of India. Every one’s life style was different.

That’s why out of us, some were vegetarian and some were non vegetarians. We all used to have food together, but no one was having problem with anyone. You can say we were grown mature or we have accepted this life style. In college time also, we all had experienced this life. So by now we all were habitual with all such life styles.

Days were blowing like smoothened wind. And Atharv’s birthday came. In the morning only, we all decided not to wish him, so he would think, we have forgotten his birthday. When we all reached to cafeteria, we all reacted the same way. I could easily make out that he is disappointed and must be expecting our wishes at least. Soon, he got a phone call, and just to maintain it as secret, he went out in a corner to talk. We all knew this is call to wish him birthday. Till the time he came back in cafeteria, we arranged cake, flowers and his gift on centre table. Though we were not allowed to enlighten candles inside, because of fire alarms, but we brought a greeting card from hallmark gallery, from all group member’s side.

When he entered inside, we all started singing, Happy birthday song for him. Today he was becoming that emotional, what I was becoming before some days, in this same cafeteria, on the same corner seat, near glass panel. He could not utter a single word and directly took knife in his hand, started cutting cake, bending down on table. I witnessed a drop of salty water from his eye, fell on table. All were busy in poking on each other. He finally cut the cake and fed it to every one. He found a Fossil’s watch nearby, and said, why have you all made so much expenses? At least you all would have waited for your first salary. We all cheered  his mood up, and said, don’t worry, we will raise much more than this from you.

We all enjoyed and planned for dinner in the night, after office, and went to our seats back, to perform our goals. In the evening we decided a point, to gather and then we had to go to disc, which was little far from. So we hired a taxi, loaded every one and moved. This was first time, when we were going out for dinner after work. One thing was very good in the group, all were so open to our families, we all used to inform about every single details about us. So we told to them also, about our plan.

I was wearing a black short dress with my smoothened shiny hairs open, a little heart pendent, and an expensive glittery watch accompanied with 6 inches sharp high heels. As Umang and Atarv saw me, they said, we will have to hire bouncers specially for her. I just pricked Umang and said better you concentrate and plan what will you do there. I can take care of myself. I need no one. That Girlish adamant attitude, with a little arrogance, was trying to take shape of shade covering my body, where I was feeling safe. Rest all six girls were also dressed well, specially Preeti, I liked her eye makeup and asked her to give some tips, once we will come back. She was blushing with glow and assured me to train me. We all were ready to thunder.

As we reached club, we lived that night fullest, as it was first time, when we all were in disc. After all it was most renowned disc in the city. While we all girls were dancing, boys were having eye on us, noticing, whom we are dancing with. Is there not anyone who is gazing  us. We asked them to enjoy and dance with us. Leave this all. Here also if you will be so cautious, then it was better not to be here. But still Umang and Atharv both fulfilled their duty, what they though duty as.

Finally having dinner, we all came back, as all of us were drunk. Umang and Atharv dropped us in our PGs safely and at last they paid for the taxi. Atarv’s birthday was over, and next turn was mine. In the list, I was standing on second position, after Atarv’s. I knew that all must be planning something like this for me.


To be continued !!

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I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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