Was that a sex appeal? (Part VII)

….Next day I woke up with little hangover. I was feeling little guilty also, because first time in the life I drank. I was little upset, so called Preeti. She relieved me with her kind words and said :  It’s OK Yar !! All the time you keep talking about life, you preach us so much with positive attitude, but when it comes to be practical, you start behaving like this? What in the world you have done so, you are feeling guilty for? Have you hurt someone, after getting drunk or you have lost your identity? It was simply we wanted to enjoy and taste that’s it !! And we are not going to do this on permanent basis !! Please come on !!

We left that matter there only and dropped the call. I got ready for office and days started to go like home – office – home. Almost one month I kept following that routine and finally waiting for my day, The B Day  came. I am mad about my clothes so, specially purchased a white collared woollen top for the day with a dark blue shade ankle length jeans.. It was drizzling me with confidence and joy. Since midnight only I started getting phone calls from my college friends and family members. I was eagerly waiting for morning, when I will reach office and meet my group mates. I realised that they all had taken a very special position in my life within some months. In fact, people were thinking that some of us are surely about to mingle and become life mates.

Well !! Morning happened and  I felt those same butterflies in my stomach, what I felt before some months, when I was coming to join my office. I can never forget that first day of office.

As I reached at main entrance, I found two of boys from my project were coming in front. Both congratulated me birthday and said I am looking pretty. With thanks I took step forward and said will see you in our bay. I was speeding up my walk and reached to my seat. Before I could keep my bag, I saw a bouquet filled with pink Lilies. I was not surprised, who could offer these flowers. There were some ultimate names, who must be planning to celebrate with me. Now I was searching all those six girls, Umang and Atharv. As I came out of my bay I found Prasoon. He came and said Happy birthday Niya. I reacted, What a pleasant surprise Prasoon !! And how do you know it is my birthday?

I called him prasoon, though he is elder to me, and have come here as Admin head, but this is an MNC and here we follow no Boss culture !! We were told on very first day. No one is elder and all are playing their equally crucial part, so as to take company to zenith of success.

Prasoon asked ; So where is the party? I smiled and replied as per courtesy, You suggest me the name. You remember my birthday , and adding more to it I am happy that you have come to wish me. He said , How can I dare not to?? Ok, need to take my seat back, will ping you on messenger. I said ok, he disappeared and I found my group mates coming towards me, singing  and dancing in the bay only. I was not surprised and took some chocolates and threw on them. I was becoming little indecent today, but as it is my Birth day so who cares? I was flying high with happiness. I asked all where is my dark rich chocolate cake?? and immediately I found it in cafeteria.

Day started with great guns. I was cherishing every moment. Continuously getting phone calls from near and dear one. I was about to take my seat to start work. As I started IBM mainframe, The software we work on, all my group members came with bouquet and gave it to me. They said, whole day we will keep giving you something in instalments.

As they went, red Lilly bouquet forced me to plunge into thinking names out of so many. If it was not given by my group then who brought this. I could not find any name tag also on that.

I was still thinking, whom should I say thanks, and meanwhile started my internal messenger. One message was flashing on the screen. I opened that and read, hope you like the bouquet, I knew you like lilies most!! I was surprised to see the name flashing with yellow on screen with this message. I said thanks  and asked how come and got reply, you told it in  introduction, during orientation. I smiled and said a big thanks again. He said, I would be coming to your seat around lunch hours. I said ok, and continued my project work.

I was still surprised, He??? I never knew.. He hears me so well.. He is such big person in office and so nice hearted with great personality, on whom half of office’s girls die, wishing me birthday, the way my friends did.. He must be so decent, beyond the limits, I have defined decency as!!


To be continued!!

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Deepti !!



About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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