Was that a sex appeal? (Part VIII)

… After all who will not be obliged getting such special treatment from a big gun, who is all in all in the organisation. I was still remembering his applauds, when he complimented me on very first day, while seeing each other off, after orientation. Yes, he was Prasoon, who kept that Lilli flower bouquet on my desk.

I was trying to complete my work as soon I could, so that I can take my friends for a treat in the evening. As today no one brought lunch, because they knew, surely we are about to go somewhere, and they all started pinching me, where am I taking them?? In between I felt like taking tea break, and headed towards cafeteria, where Prasoon caught me. Again I was grateful and said thanks to him, to make the B-day so special. He asked again : So, where is the party, and I replied same way,I smiled and said as per courtesy, You suggest me the name…He said ok, I will tell you. I excused myself and went to have tea. he was also back to work.

As I went on the seat, again I found internal messenger popping with yellow, with Prasoon’s name. Happy b’day.. He said, as many times I will find time I will wish you. I took it friendly and said thanks again. Suddenly I found someone pulling my chair, I turned back, and found Prasoon there. Immediately I stood up and said :You. He laughed and said just wanted to see your expressions. He continued I have decided restaurant’s name, we will go to “Golden Dragon”. It is an awesome Chinese restaurant. I said ok, and thought to invite all my group members there only. He went again and my group members were so excited to go there, when I told them about venue, as nowadays we all were exploring new places for food.

Every one was so familiar with our group. And it was obvious, if one is going somewhere, all would be accompanying. While started working again. Around 4 o’clock, I found Prasoon, again in my bay. He said, how will we go there? I replied, we will see. He said, today I have also not brought my car, as my wife took it with her, as her office is so far from here. I came by bike, so lets ride with me on bike only. And yes, I would like to take you for the “COFFEE”. I said Coffee, we were about to go to have Chinese food, you only suggested!!  He smiled with arrogance and said yes coffee. You are special for me, try searching on google, why coffee????????

Now I was smelling rat in whatever conversation I had with him. I was not feeling that ease, what I used to have before, talking to him. I found a crazy, impatient soul within him. Immediately I googled and found, when you are being invited on tea, it is a business call. When you are invited for coffee, it is a sex call. I couldn’t rely words, so I called Atharv, please come in cafeteria, need to discuss something important.

He came and asked, what happened?? I told him about whole incidence. I was burning with anger. I was feeling shame, what did I use to think about this man, and what is he in actual, when I came to know everything about him. Atharv told me that Prasoon has got car and driver too. And moreover his wife is working with a company, located behind our tower. It was first time I faced such music. I threw down the sponge and couldn’t even imagine the vitiated world. I am a girl, who is born and bought up so simply. I Found someone, first in life, who proposed me for having sex, this directly. I was indecisive, how should I take this move, Positive or negative?

I was shouting with annoyance. I was feeling regretted, why did I even talk to him. I didn’t know that he is carrying this garbage in his mind. I was respecting him, because of his personality, and he wanted to have sex in turn??? I was remembering the day when I was upset and Atharv was siting beside me, I was crying badly, and he could not even hold my hand, knowing  that I would not have minded, had he hugged me. Atharv and Umang were so close to me, we were so open to each other, we could discuss all rough and smooth with each other, but how come a guy, whom I don’t know even, comes and propose me for ….

Later on I came to know, I was not the first one who faced this bad music, so many were there who were carried away with his oily tongue. In fact Prasoon was taking undue advantage of his position. This was another flip of coin, what professional world used to mean for me, and what practically I have seen as. It was so bitter to stomach this fact, but yes, this was truth !!


To be continued !!

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About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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