Was that a sex appeal? (Final)

…. I was scorching with that bugbear. As per others it was not that big thing, but though it happened first in my life, so became sick with people’s mentality. A person, whom you take as your mentor, suddenly comes to you and ask you for..Many might be happy enough to get the proposal, but definitely not me.. I was whimpering continuously, and found all my group mates have gathered there.

So many questions were going in my mind :

  • Am I wrong somewhere?
  • Did I ever threw such gestures in front of him where he found me interested in?
  • Does asking name, taking introduction or appreciating someone means I am interested in having sex with him? “was that a sex appeal”?
  • Laughing, enjoying or being friendly, do ever mean I am physically desperate to go for coffee with some one.
  • If I should not take things simply, then what about the night when we all group members, seven girls and two boys were dancing together in a pub, drunk and still we all girls were safe. At last they were also boys?
  • If you are designated high, then isn’t it your duty to maintain the dignity, or calling someone physically, only satiates your position’s integrity?
  • If it comes to dresses, As I used to wear all short dresses, so were you the only male in the organisation, who saw me in those shorts, and it ignited your soul? I think people whose mentality is vitiated, they can scan everyone necked within typically covered body.
  • Even If a girl drinks or smokes, it doesn’t mean that she is inviting anyone to have sex or rape her.

My group members were trying to solace me. Preeti suggested me to make his complaint, as we were having a single point termination system, where on a girl’s call, people were not even heard, and they were asked to leave the organisation immediately. But I said, I am not having any evidence, on internal messenger, he only wished me, and till now he did not even do any physical violence, so how can I raise an issue? I think I should resign from here, I can not face that man again, what has he thought about me?

Atharv and Umang were also so annoyed, but they said, leave the matter. Today is your B-day, what you were waiting for eagerly. Don’t spoil the day. Forgive but don’t forget, keep things in mind, and further if he tries to approach you, teach him a lesson. Leaving organisation, is not a solution, you will find such people every where, and this world is much more ahead in terms of indelicacy.

I also didn’t want to exaggerate the issue, to spoil my day. While I was washing my face in loo, I saw myself in mirror, I admitted things and thought to move ahead. Suddenly I found a different me inside, who was much more confident to contest the battle. I fought back my tears of frustration. And decided to face such people even more confidently.

After completing the work, I gathered all my group members to go to same suggested restaurant. We all hired a cab and enjoyed the day.


Hope you also enjoyed reading !!

I appreciate your halt here!!

Thanks !!  Deepti !!



About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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