The ugly birth and beautiful death (5)

..Whatever happened there in hospital, I used to forget whenever I was in my parent’s lap. Soon I reached my home with them, where no one was in mood to welcome me. In front I saw a huge entrance, A door made up of  wood, and two sculpted elephants were keeping trunk up, as if about to splash the shower. I came to know about our ancestors,  who used to be so rich with money and prosperity. But I was still thinking that how their hearts could be so tiny, where they could not accept a girl child. I heard so many stories on those ugly births and same fear, I was reading between the lines.

But I was also that warm blooded, no one could deny, about my existence. My formation was also same as their DNA. So even learnt behaviours were transferred in a process of heredity. I was also bearing that courage to tackle the bad world with smile.

My mother took me to the room inside. I was so glad to see the location, what I never imagined. So calm and placate place to live, I was delighted about birds chirping, dense canopy of mango tree, even some thin branches were penetrating through the window’s sides. A big well maintained garden was adjacent to room. Lawn was all green with hybrid grass, and boundaries were so finely trimmed in different shapes. An antique round table with four chairs was placed in a corner. On one side a fountain was installed and so big trees were shading the sides. That parterre blew my mind and I started to crawl with time on that grass, watching this scenery.

I started playing there and it was my most favourite place to play. I was becoming closer to my father so as to nature, because mother was engaged in rest of her responsibilities including me. So early morning I used to wake up with my father, then he used to make me walk on that slushy grass.  Those birds used to call me out to have my breakfast, so that I will spread some of my food on grass, for having a treat on that later. Now I was having nothing in my mind other that soothing nature and pampering parents. What ever they were wearing the cost for my parenting, but it was never deviating them from taking care of mine. I didn’t know, willingly or unwillingly, whatever time I am spending here on the ground, with trees and birds, will become memorable past tomorrow.


To be continued!! Keep reading !!

Deepti !!


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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