The ugly birth and beautiful death (7)

… Whatever had happened in family wasn’t enough, where I started blaming myself as bad luck. Was I the reason, I took birth and everything started to be spoilt. Though I was pampered by parents, but I was expecting love and care from every one around me. I was understanding the meanings of being social and friendly to all. During this all, I knew about relations also.

I found several guests arrived in funeral of my grandfather. We were having one ritual, after 13 days of someone’s death, all relatives and friends are invited for a bhoj. I was surprised seeing all this, money was spent like anything in that ceremony but no one was having time to admit me to a government school, where no fees was charged. Why? Am I the only one who is deprived of education? I was keen to search all the answers. Oh!! Time Is so precious and I thought they could not pay that for me.

My mother started teaching me hiddenly. She asked me too, not to discuss this with anyone. She used to keep some embroidery needles or stitching machine with her, while teaching me, so that when someone enters the room she could pretend to teach that. She was so afraid of “if this Pandora box would be opened in front of all”. As in our society, it was not allowed to send a girl to school. They used to believe that after all they have to manage home as home maker, so education doesn’t pay them. Else they should be taught household works. My mother also followed this education system, what she was implementing on me. This was the reason she was perfect in all household works, but she was first educated lady in our town, what only my father knew and now me.

Our society also believed that girls should not be given freedom , otherwise they vitiate the environment. Till now all ladies have become habitual to live under male dominance. Those ladies were never given respect, they only knew covering their mouth with a piece of cloth and working inside, behind the curtain. That was the reason, why they all want to deliver a boy child, as all family members will value them. Delivering a boy child was not less than a Novel Prize for them. More the numbers of boy delivered, more numbers of times they were honoured and rewarded with rest from work for someday, and having best eateries.

Though my parents were against the system, but they knew well that they can’t afford leaving the society. I was also respecting their efforts and trying my best to change the scenario one day. May be my birth was ugly for the society, that birth might be a  burden for them, but I wanted to give it a beautiful death. A beautiful death to all those superstitious believes, a beautiful death to all those pains, my parents wore, A beautiful death to all those rituals, which were hollowing the society.


To be continued !!Keep reading !!

Deepti !!





About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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