The ugly birth and beautiful death (8)

…. I told you about the ritual we were having at home. All the relatives were gathering to make my grandfather rest in peace. I was watching everyone crying and screaming. By this time I was also grown little big, though I didn’t start with my menstrual periods, but yes, pre menstrual symptoms were easily visible on my body.

My flat chest was coming in shape of little bumps !! sometimes I used to notice that change in me and tried to ask my mother, but in this havoc, I restricted myself  and kept this query in my swag.

Suddenly I heard some noise outside, and went to inquire. I saw my aunty with her boy, almost 8 years elder to me. I used to hear lots of stories of him, from my grandfather, and my grandmother, she was almost died with affection. Sometimes, I used to feel jealous, hearing his bravery and intelligence, and used to make complaints to my mom, Why could I not be like him? Even if we do same things, but praises and applauds always fall in his packet.

Whatever formalities they had to complete, they did. Finally my “so called” cousin came to me. His name was Varnit and I used to call him Bhai, as he was elder to me. I found a great change in his nature. A boy who used to insult me, fight with me on every small thing, had become so polite all in sudden. He was concerned for me and was keen to know everything about me.  Though last year in summer vacations only he came with his family, but this time even it was becoming hard to stomach.

Somehow, I was convinced with his polite nature. I sincerely took him as a big brother. He grew so mature, and I was just impressed with his tongue. I was aspiring to grow like him, so balanced. Within hours, whatever differences were there for so long years, were vanished. Even I shared all those sour experiences till now, with him, and he kept on smiling on each pause.

I had never get a chance to go outside and make friends. I had some friends, but among them, no one was as caring as I found “Varnit Bhai”. I was feeling very happy finding a friend like him. Day was passing and all have started to make arrangement to sleep. As it was a crowded home right now, with insufficient sleeping space, So my father brought some mattresses from tent house on rent, and spread it on the terrace.

All were finding a suitable space to rest their back, so was I. But it was not less than a battle, to fit yourself among crowd. At last, when my eyes started to close, and body became lethargic, I slept somewhere, I didn’t want to.. I didn’t know that this sleep is going to change my life for long… Though I was sleeping deep, but I found something fishy happening with me. My eyes wanted to be opened and I was forcing them to pretend as slept!!


To be continued!!

Deepti !!





About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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