My 14-year-old son watches dirty videos on YouTube. What should I do?

Son And of 14 years, this is the age when puberty starts hitting or almost hit. After birth first milestone we achieve when our kid completes 5 years, because till this time most of his/ her routines including living, food and lifestyle, are developed. By this age we assume our kid has got basic training for being self dependent. They can have food by their own or express their choice in terms of clothes, friends, games, interests or so on!!
Next milestone we need to achieve is handling their puberty phase. And if you have found him with some undesired activity I think :
*COMMUNICATION :  It is key factor, in all walks of life. Most of the time, when we see some unexpected happening, anger comes as first reflex. But when it comes to Parenting, you need to prepare a basic ground, communicating to your kids, so that they can share their thoughts and put their view in front of you rather being afraid of your anger.
* PATIENCE : You must admit that any bad habit is result of “Somewhere, somehow” parents were not attentive and when they came to know, it was little late. But any habit takes time to been modulate. when it became habit, it was not single day process, so you cant expect amendment in a day ”
*MAKE HIM UNDERSTAND: If you and your kid are prepared to talk on all matters, then you should let him know about the repercussions, how is it going to affect them physically and mentally. As whatever he is doing, seems right to him, and that’s why he is doing so. Help him getting rid, as you will have to work with double intensity, what those things are attracting him with.
* CO-CURRICULAR : Try to divert his mind in some sport or creative activities. Spend time with him more often. As you are parent, so even if you need to suffer at your personal part, is justified for your kid’s future !!
* TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE : Apart all those thing, so many soft wares are available online or in market, by which you can determine, which all sites your kid can access. Always check The history, once your kid is off to internet, and if found off the track, again talk to him.
*AFTER ALL YOU ARE PARENT : Some times we leave our kids, thinking that we should not interrupt their privacy. But being parent, you need to know every thing about your kid, weather told or not. So sometimes if needed, nothing is wrong, poking in their diaries or checking internet history. And it nowhere says, we are not respecting their age or privacy.
* LOVE : It is a thing, which can make someone, overcome any situation. Explain your kid that what ever you are doing, is not to pressurise them or you are after his life. If they are somewhere wrong, we need to guide them. always show your support, when kid wants to achieve something good, no matter how time taking or difficult it is.


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I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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