Is it fine for parents to scold their children over small things?

Every thing is fine, when in control and balanced, keeping fact in mind, every one has set different parameters and boundaries for that.
We as per human tendency, start ignoring or overhear things, not sweet enough for our ears. So when kids also get those sour lectures and face our anger very often, start ignoring parents.
Meanwhile, we could loose that communication bridge also, what is intensely required for the relationship.
Definitely kids sometimes become so notorious, but as parent we need to check, it should not harm them. I totally agree that before water goes beyond your nose, you need to stop them, may it be with anger. But being parent is more than everything, having patience.
Scolding your kid over small things may be right but not a wise act, else you need to make them understand, try to put your view in front of them, so further they can also analyse things, as this relation is going to be this way for ever. And kids will remain kids for parents irrespective of their age. At every step you will have to understand them, and handle this relation with love and care !!


Deepti !!


About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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