What is it like to be an Indian father?

Though mothers take all credit from giving birth to pampering a kid, But here father plays a lead role silently, and sometime couldn’t even get nominated for award!!. Being a father is itself a glory, As a man you must have undergone with

  • When your wife conceived, it gave you a feeling of being complete !!
  • You felt most responsible, what you were never before, when you first hold your baby in hands.
  • Then you started planning to achieve dreams, to provide best out of best facilities to your kid.
  • When your husband – wife relation reached to next extent, enriched with more of emotions.

When i recall my childhood :

  • I was most pampered creature for my father !!
  • No single day was left, when he took me for a ride outside, when he didn’t play with me.
  • Most of my wardrobe was filled with clothes of his choice and tummy with every single bite fed by him.
  • He was one, who always used to put a black tika with kajal on my head, while going out (Only thing he was superstitious about ), as i was the only beauty in the world, for him.
  • And now, when i am a mother, I need to talk to my father at least twice a day. While i am considered most mature girl in family, but still become angry with him, when he couldn’t pick my phone, for what so ever reason and i fight with him.

    And what is like to be an INDIAN FATHER?

  • FAITH : A father always have faith in his upbringing, so firmly believes in, decisions taken by kids. His persuasion turns all wrong into right !!

  • It’s about breaking rules : When i went to pursue post graduation in a metro city and he came to drop me to Hostel. Knowing about the city, he was little insecure about my safety. He knew my boy friend (as i was supposed to keep no secret), whom he screened strictly. Coming from a background, where girls don’t go to school even, suggested me to go for a “Live in”
  • Sometimes you become ROWDY : Belonging to a place where wearing western clothes was a sin. Girl used to have a long Que of boys teasing her, if dressed with western clothes.

    Me : Oh thank you papa !! New jeans and goggle !! But i would not wear this !!

    papa : Why??

    Me : You don’t know those third class boys !!

    papa : You wear and go !! I am coming after you and will see who follows you?

  • Having coziest heart in hardest shellWe are staying in a hotel for last 10 days and today morning went for breakfast, as usual. My 4 year’s daughter doesn’t seem happy with serving and started wasting food. Father is getting angry and teaching her, not to waste food !! When she repeated smashing hands, he asked waiter to take the plate away and asked me not to feed anything to make her realize the value of food !!

    He left for office and i didn’t mind, not giving her food !! As soon he reached office, not more than 15 min. I got a phone call stating : Hey, she must be hungry.Ask waiter to make something of her choice and do let me know when prepared. I will come to feed her.

    More i write, more i feel like to write and i will keep on writing !!


Deepti !!



About Deepti

I am Deepti from Delhi, India. A Craft person, a blogger (Writer), Painter, a baby's dress designer, a daughter, elder sister of two, a wife and above all "Mother to a cute little Princess".
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