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ऐसा क्यूँ ?

निवाला लिया और सीधा मुँह में
सूखे गले से निवाला नीचे उतरता नहीं !! अटका और पीड़ा दे गया !! Continue reading

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You are not one among them !!

You are depressed and don’t want to face people. You loose interest in any performance and all motivational stories seem worthless. You find this moment real, where you are weak, nervous and alone. Continue reading

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What’s one thing that your parents taught you while you were young that you will not teach to your kids?

It might be easy for me to say all this, because who kept suffering but protected us from all devilish things, were our parents !! They gave us a protective shade, where nothing bad could impact us !! Continue reading

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What gives you happiness?

Just a though came and i started bag packing. Things were automatically arranged, i left all worries back, “how?? ” Continue reading

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The ugly birth and beautiful death (14)

Finally a hormone induced reflex let me run towards the crowded village, Where I can seek help from. I started running, dressed insufficiently, with all soap put on body. Continue reading

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About Deepti

I always aspired to write something or i should say everything, what i have experienced. Though i used to write but never tried on blog. I am happy enough, as i am writing here first time and not only think but … Continue reading

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