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To a 5 year new, from Mamma !!

You may find me wrong, when you fall down and cry, and i never come to console you. But Believe me, see you crying is, worst in my life to see you as !! Take yourself as warrior !! I want to see you that sensible, you need no one !! Continue reading

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When so much is happening in life!!

What?? Still?? Yes !! I went on balcony, kept watching tiny creatures fluttering over street light. Thought about my life, how my days were supposed to be lived and how am i loosing its charm !!  Continue reading

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Sharing ear phone with someone!!

I looked her moon face and she pretended as, understanding everything, every word of song !! While i started humming she also started singing to impress me!! Continue reading

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Neemrana fort : Sightseeing

People around delhi/ NCR, if planning for a short weekend trip, definitely include option of NEEMRANA fort. It is an ancient historical town in Alwar district of Rajasthan, India, situated at around 122 km from Delhi. Continue reading

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What do you do?

What best we could have had in life, when we start talking with our senses, discussing mainstream encompassing auxiliary.  Continue reading

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She is tired !!

Today she is sitting quiet, With all empty heart,

no grudges, no plans ,

with lost bravery, she wanted to clean the dust and stains from her life.
Continue reading

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You are not one among them !!

You are depressed and don’t want to face people. You loose interest in any performance and all motivational stories seem worthless. You find this moment real, where you are weak, nervous and alone. Continue reading

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Dimensions of love !!

She was pretending to be normal, but her heart was dead. She used to sleep with no expectations, and wake up with no enthuse. Continue reading

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What the hell i was wandering here and there. What place was left i didn’t go. Even did i complete my work out with this only !! But things were out of my reach now, and i couldn’t help!! Why didn’t that time i find a trench and i would have gone inside !! Continue reading

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What is it like to be an Indian father?

A father always have faith in his upbringing, so firmly believes in, decisions taken by kids. His persuasion turns all wrong into right !! Continue reading

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