वो बहुत अमीर है

utyrदोस्त बड़े होते हैं सभी के!! पर उनमे से, सभी का एक दोस्त ऐसा होता है जो सबसे अमीर है, लेकिन कहीं बैठ कर, दोस्त यार अगर गपशप करते हुए चाय पी ले तो सौ रुपये का बिल देने के नाम पर नज़रे चुरा लेगा !! सबसे अच्छी बात यह है कि चाय में कमियाँ भी वही निकाल रहा होगा !! आपके हमारे ऐसे किसी दोस्त के लिए कुछ पंक्तियाँ !!


हाँ, मैने सुना है,
बहुत बड़ा बंगला है उसका,
ताँता सा लगा रहता है नौकरों का दिन भर
और कई बड़ी गाड़ियाँ हैं उसके काफिले मे!!
सुना है पहनावे पर बहुत ध्यान देता है,
कीमत नहीं देखता लत्ते लेते हुए !!
सुबह की चाय भी पीता है
पाँच सितारा होटल में, “अकेले”
दफ़्तर में भी रुतबा है बड़ा, क्यूँ ना हो,
मासिक वेतन ही छह अंको में है उसकी!!
कई बार पुरस्कार भी मिला है
बड़ा सजग कुशल है, लबालब है बुद्धिमानि से!!
कितना महान है, घमंड अब भी नहीं करता, दोस्तों के साथ उठता बैठता है,
लोग कायल हैं उसके पेचीदेपन के, कहते हैं इसकी जेब से सिक्का भी नहीं निकलता !!
ज़रूरत ही क्यों हो,
सिक्कों की जगह कभी ज़ज्बात तो कभी रिश्ते भूना लेता है वो !!
ठीक है तुम कहते हो तो मान लेता हूँ
“वो बहुत अमीर है”



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What do you do?

He is a big name !! A News reporter, Anchor!! I have been following him for last 4-5 years on social media. I loved to read him on blogs, some pieces of his work took my mind away and seized me in his fan list !!

I was reading one write up, he has posted recently. I was so involved in lines, i was reading every word so intensely !! I heard a pop up sound and can you believe?? I get a message from other corner, shockingly my waves reached to !!

It wasn’t a common conversation, starting with Hi/ Hello. No wishes, no formalities. “Send me your phone no.” I didn’t take a second and wrote that !!

What do you do? He asked !!

I started typing and pressed backspace !! Wrote again and back space !! He was waiting for reply, kept holding patience. Before i could write something and he was offline !! 

He must be knowing that it is Biggest question for a wandering soul, which is trying to realize it’s existence. Else it would have utilized time given!!

He took my wive again, with no more question !! Night was playing finale, standing on periphery and my heart was drowned in tears, kept flowing like backspace…

Woke up in the morning and received a message !! “Always with you”.

What best we could have had in life, when we start talking with our senses, discussing mainstream encompassing auxiliary.


Fringing a paramount  !

Deepti !!

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She is tired !!

All her life, She was taught to be responsible,

and she took it genuinely,

She kept fulfilling expectations and come up as best , whom you could admire.

She kept working hard, achieved a lot,

and became a human, not less than machine,

When she was switched on and off with places and faces,

you could take her as role model.

She was supposed to be brave and bold,

in order to save the generation for ages, as she is the custodian of civilization.

She read all of you, but what you have written for her?

Today she is sitting quiet, With all empty heart,

no grudges, no plans ,

with lost bravery, she wanted to clean the dust and stains from her life,

which shaded her image !!

Today she was diving in her soul,

She is tired today !!


With love and respect

Deepti !!


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You are not one among them !!

One day, when you motivated yourself, took inspiration from many, Remembered all who can bless you and tried to believe on you. When you harvested your learnings, you have taken lessons till now, and planned your performance. It was first time when you were going to “hold the stage”. Only stage, No !! You were going to hold hundreds and thousands of minds and soon wanted to convert them in millions/ billions.

With all your spirit high, you were waiting for your turn back stage and found your hands slippery with sweat. Your attractive attire was all wet inside. Suddenly you hear your name announced and you face the world sitting in front. Some are hauling on chairs, some are pushing others, some of them are sitting quiet, to witness your magic, moreover they all are ready to hoot you.

You are nervous and start performing. They wanted to check your zest, your stamina to hold hard your voice. You find yourself in a well, that hall, echoing with your sound but your brain is almost lost in black hole of other’s expectations and critics, what you are going to face, once you get down from here.

Your hands are shaking and are not strong enough to hold the mike. You could clearly see, they are laughing at you. You try to take sympathy from friends, but they don’t know you any more. Whatever they do, but at last, when you leave the place, you find them clapping for you.

You think your time is over. You have completed the performance, but could not meet up the expectations.

You are depressed and don’t want to face people. You loose interest in any performance and all motivational stories seem worthless. You find this moment real, where you are weak, nervous and alone.

For all those, who have performed ever this way, with feeling, if their heart is pushed out of body breaking rib cage, remember, “At last that mob was clapping for you and You should feel proud and confident, that you were not among them, You were a performer, you were a warrior !!”.


Deepti !!

Stay motivated and keep spirits high !!

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Dimensions of love !!

She was just woke up, and rushed towards kitchen. She was keeping an eye on watch and was chopping onions, so as to peruse her duty of making tasty food, as if she was strengthened food pillar of house.

Love from her life came and hugged her from back. What have you starting chopping these onions, See tears are coming in your eyes, as if you are crying. She was happy knowing, who has written her luck, blessed so much love in life. God is so kind and she turned facing love with much more affection.

Next moment, that same love, as if looking for suitable moment to break her heart, speaks one word, and make her heart cry for next years on years, ages on ages, till the last breath. Pain was going beyond her tolerance and it made all tears dried.

She was pretending to be normal, but her heart was dead. She used to sleep with no expectations, and wake up with no enthuse. She was neutral towards life and accepted every moment, whatever way it came to her !!

Now love was complaining, You are not bothered about me, means you don’t love me?? Love me??? She replied gently, you have taken me to different dimensions of love !! What i couldn’t even understand, what love is for you !!


With love,

Deepti !!

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Today morning came with an awesome weather. I stood up for some time in balcony, then prepared food for two dependent on me. While searching for my Gym wear, i couldn’t find any, i forgot last night i threw them in washing machine, and they are still arrested !! Hardly i found an old black capree. I checked, if it is workable, wore that and went off.

A regular routine as before, i dropped my 4 year to school and headed towards my work place. Work place??  Yes 🙂 I am talking about Gym, here only i am getting utmost peace, relax and motivation, to stay healthy and fit. When entered i heard, WOW !! See outside, Weather is pleasant. Some one asked me for long drive, but we mothers, needed to catch up with school timings too, so planned to hangout and have ice cream !!

Our Trainer held the class, and we did fantastic workout !! Sweat was squeezed out and i was looking almost like swimmer, with all wet clothes. I called my friend and asked “You wish to exercise more”. No, she said. Lets go then and we started walking with motive. Outside we saw fresh fruit’s stall and purchased till our wallets allowed !!

Where to go next. Let’s drive to Ansal mall, she said !! I changed the gear and next moment we were in mall !! Parked car and entered the mall.  Visited so many stores, and i was laughing “I used to think who stupid comes so early in the morning to mall, whenever you come here, parking is full , today i have come to know!! ”

We kept laughing and wandering, laughing and laughing on silly things. People were staring us and we were not bothered !! Took ice creams as per agenda, clicked pics and finally collected the things shopped !!

Dropped my friend nearby her place and came back home. While changing clothes, What i noticed, A slit in lower !! OH GOD !! What the hell i was wandering here and there. What place was left i didn’t go. Even did i complete my work out with this only !! But things were out of my reach now, and i couldn’t help!! Why didn’t that time i find a trench and i would have gone inside !!

In life several times, it happens, where we need to make choices. Life gives you both the options and leaves up to you !! 

Now what, should i repent and curse for what happened, Which happened  unwillingly, Or should i stay happy, what i was, before noticing the slit !! Bold inside, said so what, it could happen with any one !! I called my friend and asked “Moti (Fatty) did you also notice that?? ” I narrated and she was like AWWWWWWWWWW!! I took out laptop and started writing about my choice to be happy !!


Still laughing on that slit !!

Deepti !!

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What is it like to be an Indian father?

Though mothers take all credit from giving birth to pampering a kid, But here father plays a lead role silently, and sometime couldn’t even get nominated for award!!. Being a father is itself a glory, As a man you must have undergone with

  • When your wife conceived, it gave you a feeling of being complete !!
  • You felt most responsible, what you were never before, when you first hold your baby in hands.
  • Then you started planning to achieve dreams, to provide best out of best facilities to your kid.
  • When your husband – wife relation reached to next extent, enriched with more of emotions.

When i recall my childhood :

  • I was most pampered creature for my father !!
  • No single day was left, when he took me for a ride outside, when he didn’t play with me.
  • Most of my wardrobe was filled with clothes of his choice and tummy with every single bite fed by him.
  • He was one, who always used to put a black tika with kajal on my head, while going out (Only thing he was superstitious about ), as i was the only beauty in the world, for him.
  • And now, when i am a mother, I need to talk to my father at least twice a day. While i am considered most mature girl in family, but still become angry with him, when he couldn’t pick my phone, for what so ever reason and i fight with him.

    And what is like to be an INDIAN FATHER?

  • FAITH : A father always have faith in his upbringing, so firmly believes in, decisions taken by kids. His persuasion turns all wrong into right !!

  • It’s about breaking rules : When i went to pursue post graduation in a metro city and he came to drop me to Hostel. Knowing about the city, he was little insecure about my safety. He knew my boy friend (as i was supposed to keep no secret), whom he screened strictly. Coming from a background, where girls don’t go to school even, suggested me to go for a “Live in”
  • Sometimes you become ROWDY : Belonging to a place where wearing western clothes was a sin. Girl used to have a long Que of boys teasing her, if dressed with western clothes.

    Me : Oh thank you papa !! New jeans and goggle !! But i would not wear this !!

    papa : Why??

    Me : You don’t know those third class boys !!

    papa : You wear and go !! I am coming after you and will see who follows you?

  • Having coziest heart in hardest shellWe are staying in a hotel for last 10 days and today morning went for breakfast, as usual. My 4 year’s daughter doesn’t seem happy with serving and started wasting food. Father is getting angry and teaching her, not to waste food !! When she repeated smashing hands, he asked waiter to take the plate away and asked me not to feed anything to make her realize the value of food !!

    He left for office and i didn’t mind, not giving her food !! As soon he reached office, not more than 15 min. I got a phone call stating : Hey, she must be hungry.Ask waiter to make something of her choice and do let me know when prepared. I will come to feed her.

    More i write, more i feel like to write and i will keep on writing !!


Deepti !!


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Is it fine for parents to scold their children over small things?

Every thing is fine, when in control and balanced, keeping fact in mind, every one has set different parameters and boundaries for that.
We as per human tendency, start ignoring or overhear things, not sweet enough for our ears. So when kids also get those sour lectures and face our anger very often, start ignoring parents.
Meanwhile, we could loose that communication bridge also, what is intensely required for the relationship.
Definitely kids sometimes become so notorious, but as parent we need to check, it should not harm them. I totally agree that before water goes beyond your nose, you need to stop them, may it be with anger. But being parent is more than everything, having patience.
Scolding your kid over small things may be right but not a wise act, else you need to make them understand, try to put your view in front of them, so further they can also analyse things, as this relation is going to be this way for ever. And kids will remain kids for parents irrespective of their age. At every step you will have to understand them, and handle this relation with love and care !!


Deepti !!

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My 14-year-old son watches dirty videos on YouTube. What should I do?

Son And of 14 years, this is the age when puberty starts hitting or almost hit. After birth first milestone we achieve when our kid completes 5 years, because till this time most of his/ her routines including living, food and lifestyle, are developed. By this age we assume our kid has got basic training for being self dependent. They can have food by their own or express their choice in terms of clothes, friends, games, interests or so on!!
Next milestone we need to achieve is handling their puberty phase. And if you have found him with some undesired activity I think :
*COMMUNICATION :  It is key factor, in all walks of life. Most of the time, when we see some unexpected happening, anger comes as first reflex. But when it comes to Parenting, you need to prepare a basic ground, communicating to your kids, so that they can share their thoughts and put their view in front of you rather being afraid of your anger.
* PATIENCE : You must admit that any bad habit is result of “Somewhere, somehow” parents were not attentive and when they came to know, it was little late. But any habit takes time to been modulate. when it became habit, it was not single day process, so you cant expect amendment in a day ”
*MAKE HIM UNDERSTAND: If you and your kid are prepared to talk on all matters, then you should let him know about the repercussions, how is it going to affect them physically and mentally. As whatever he is doing, seems right to him, and that’s why he is doing so. Help him getting rid, as you will have to work with double intensity, what those things are attracting him with.
* CO-CURRICULAR : Try to divert his mind in some sport or creative activities. Spend time with him more often. As you are parent, so even if you need to suffer at your personal part, is justified for your kid’s future !!
* TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE : Apart all those thing, so many soft wares are available online or in market, by which you can determine, which all sites your kid can access. Always check The history, once your kid is off to internet, and if found off the track, again talk to him.
*AFTER ALL YOU ARE PARENT : Some times we leave our kids, thinking that we should not interrupt their privacy. But being parent, you need to know every thing about your kid, weather told or not. So sometimes if needed, nothing is wrong, poking in their diaries or checking internet history. And it nowhere says, we are not respecting their age or privacy.
* LOVE : It is a thing, which can make someone, overcome any situation. Explain your kid that what ever you are doing, is not to pressurise them or you are after his life. If they are somewhere wrong, we need to guide them. always show your support, when kid wants to achieve something good, no matter how time taking or difficult it is.

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What’s one thing that your parents taught you while you were young that you will not teach to your kids?

Just made my mind to reply on Quora and found this question. I was stopped by and started thinking !!

Obviously, when it comes to parenting, everything seems right in the name of, whatever we are doing is in good interest of our kids, forgetting the fact that whatever experiments we are doing on them, may it be on living life, clothing, studies or so on, sometimes becomes so late to balance the repercussions. Yes, these are experiments because no one can take guarantee of its result lifetime.

I think, every habit or behaviour related to your kids, is been regulated, with a key called “Approach”. Willingly or unwillingly, we transfer our though process, what reaches them as learnt behaviour, and becomes their personality one day.

As a middle class family from rural India, while my parents were only educated people in whole community, they wanted us to make an escape from that orthodox world. We were bounded to do some great in studies, as were not having any option, that was obligation, realising the only way to get rid of that life style and people with narrow thinking, which could not be explained.

We three siblings, when were in school, given a scoring target in final exam, and were rewarded with whatever gift we wanted. School was over and somehow those gifts were no more attracting us, so we started dreaming about our life. For me, if I would go to some metro city and be self dependent, I would find a society of my dreams, where every thing starts and ends with a positive note. For my sister, her only passion of life was dresses, and for my youngest brother, life was roaming around cakes and travelling. In short, we would get a magical stick, and moving that we shall get, what we expect. Since then we started working hard to achieve the peak of our careers.

When I try to look back, people are still on same chapters, whatever society is it !! We kept moving and achieved every goal, all set targets. And when we looked forward expecting that magical part to be done, nothing changed !! We found the society even worse, as we are moving forward towards so called high class. Concerns are changing, but there is no day, which is called perfect, because if one problem is solved, other worries pop up !!

It might be easy for me to say all this, because who kept suffering but protected us from all devilish things, were our parents !! They gave us a protective shade, where nothing bad could impact us !! I regard them, for what ever they taught us, so as to approach happy life. And what I mentioned above “that magical part”, they are no where wrong, because they also didn’t see that world, what we were dreaming about !!

But when I am a mother, I would never tell my girl something like “magic”. Nothing changes, other than you !! If you want to grow happy, it will not come our way, you will have to hunt that happiness, living in same society, marking it should not take shape of sacrifices. Else we need to make our own world, where only person is you !!


Deepti !!


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