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Sharing ear phone with someone!!

I looked her moon face and she pretended as, understanding everything, every word of song !! While i started humming she also started singing to impress me!! Continue reading

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Indian wedding : What is like to be a Father and Daughter

It is my father who taught me to value myself. He made me realize that I am uncommonly beautiful and most precious thing in his life. Continue reading

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Floral print Dress with head band and hat

That was the day when she had to participate in a baby show and we dressed her like fisherman. But when we reached she was not at all comfortable with atmosphere and dress as well. So we thought to come … Continue reading

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A sun dress with hat for kuku

Another piece of work.. I love to make tiny dresses..though they are very time consuming if it comes on finishing but still!!

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A dress from papa’s shirt

When i am left with no fabric my eyes go in my hubby’s wardrobe.

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Purple frock and yo yo headband

Approx 1.5 mt. of cotton fabric..Summer frock with open strips..Easy to wear.. With yo yo flower head band accessory..And yo yo flower on frock.. Stitches type:D, time taken around 1 hr. And kuku is ready to go for papa’s b’day … Continue reading

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A new TUTU dress for my doll..

After long!!! But finally.. She had to go for a birthday party… I had some tutu material..and one scarf..so did mix and match and here is new tutu dress for my doll..  

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Things i never valued, but now i do

It’s so true “experiences are the comb which life gives you when you are belt”. I was not writing today for the shake of blog post. It was the pain coming in my heart and i just wanted to confess … Continue reading

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Some unsaid stories..

Few days have passed when i became your mom, A tiny bunch of happiness was there in my lap, Few days back, when nurse came and gave you in my hands, You opened your eyes for sometime, i used to … Continue reading

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