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Indian wedding : What is like to be a Father and Daughter

It is my father who taught me to value myself. He made me realize that I am uncommonly beautiful and most precious thing in his life. Continue reading

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What is it like to be an Indian father?

A father always have faith in his upbringing, so firmly believes in, decisions taken by kids. His persuasion turns all wrong into right !! Continue reading

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वात्सल्य !!

आज फिर उमड़ते बादलों ने, याद दिला दी,  मेरे बचपन और तुम्हारी सहज कोशिशों की, एक चलचित्र सा, चल रहा था मेरी आँखों में!! ओस और कुहरे की परवाह न करते थे तुम, छोड़ देते थे मुझे सरसों के लहलहाते … Continue reading

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