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When so much is happening in life!!

What?? Still?? Yes !! I went on balcony, kept watching tiny creatures fluttering over street light. Thought about my life, how my days were supposed to be lived and how am i loosing its charm !!  Continue reading

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What the hell i was wandering here and there. What place was left i didn’t go. Even did i complete my work out with this only !! But things were out of my reach now, and i couldn’t help!! Why didn’t that time i find a trench and i would have gone inside !! Continue reading

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Life as housewife

Being a working woman, when I left the job, how days were passing with my new born, I could not even realize. As she started to grow and I found some time for myself, I was in dark feeling of … Continue reading

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Happy b’day in advance dear KUKU

Few days have passed, when I became your mom. Doctor came and gave you in my hands. A tiny bunch of happiness was there in my lap. I used to wake up whole night just to take glimpse of your … Continue reading

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And I was alive once again!!!

I was becoming restless after three sleepless nights, as my daughter was suffering from Viral. Everything was going well, as always, we went to garden in the evening. One baby was feeding milk with bottle, in between my daughter went … Continue reading

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